Safety Conference Speakers - Dr. Judith F. Van Zante

Speaker Dr. Judith F. Van Zante is the Tech. Lead for Icing Engineering at NASA Glenn Research Center. She is in charge of characterizing the icing clouds in both of Glenn’s icing-capable facilities: the Icing Research Tunnel and the Propulsion Systems Lab. She also enjoyed being a flight test engineer studying ice-contaminated tailplane stall, and leading the team of experts who produced NASA Glenn’s Icing Training Aids for Pilots. Dr. Van Zante earned her Bachelors in Fluid and Thermal Sciences from Case Western Reserve University, then Masters and Doctorate in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Southern California.
Degree Ph.D. Aerospace Engineering, University of Southern California
Hometown Okemos, Michigan
Current Location Cleveland, Ohio
Job Title Tech Lead: Icing Engineering, NASA
Former Employment Contractor at NASA
Years of Experience 25
Presentation Ground and In-Flight Icing/ This presentation will help pilots make good decisions when it comes to ground and in-flight icing. We'll cover key steps from 1) taking off with a clean aircraft to 2) preflight to avoid the ice, to 3) early detection and exit to 4) upset recovery.