Safety Conference Speakers - Greg Cardis

Speaker Greg Cardis ‘79 grew up in Stow, Ohio. Attended Kent State University (KSU) from 1974-1979. Member of KSU wrestling team. Member of KSU Flight team competing in collegiate competition. Flew for Rubbermaid and General Tire before getting hired at Northwest Airlines in 1985. Flew 14 years in the Ohio Air National Guard in Mansfield Ohio. Held numerous union and management positions with NWA/Delta during 35-year career.
Degree BS Aerospace Technology, Kent State University
Hometown Lakeville Minnesota
Current Location Minneapolis Minnesota
Job Title Regional Director and Chief Pilot, Delta Air Lines
Previous Positions Northwest Airlines / ALPA Central Air Safety Chairman / 757-767 Lead Line Check Airman
Years of Experience 35
Aircraft Currently Flying Boeing 757/767
Aircraft Previously Flown 727 / 747-200 / 747-400 / DC-10
Flight Hours 19,000
Presentation Enhancements to Air Safety - Developing a "Just" Culture/ Discuss the enhancements to air safety over the last 30 years by developing a "just" culture within the airline industry. Promotes open and honest reporting, makes a cultural shift from enforcement to reporting to make positive strides to minimize the threat of aviation incidents and accidents.