Safety Conference Speakers - Jason Lorenzon

Speaker Jason Lorenzon is a FAA licensed Commercial Pilot with a multi engine, and instrument ratings. He also is an FAA licensed Certified Flight Instructor, Instruments and Multi-Engine. He was one of the first pilot/lawyers to receive the Remote Pilot In Command sUAV FAA Certificate in Ohio. Mr. Lorenzon’s first passion was always aviation. When his parents would not let him achieve his dream of becoming a pilot, he would sneak to the Windsor Airport as a teenager and by the age of eighteen he received his Canadian Private Pilot’s License. As only one college in Canada offered an aviation degree, Mr. Lorenzon followed his other passion of Political Science and Music at the University of Western Ontario.
Contact jloren10@kent.ed
Degrees B.A. Political Science, BMus (Piano Performance) University of Western Ontario, MM, Cleveland, Institute of Music, J.D. Cleveland Marshall College of Law, CFI, CFII, MEI
Hometown Windsor, Ontario Canada
Current Location Richfield, Ohio
Job Title Coordinator, Aeronautics Program, College of Aeronautics and Engineering, Kent State University
Employer Lorenzon Law, LLC, Independence, Ohio Managing Attorney and Kent State University
Years of Experience 1987-Present (Aviation)
Aircraft Currently Flying Cessna 340, Piper Aztec, Seminole, Twin Comanche, 150, 152, 172, 182
Flight Hours 2,000+
Presentation Current UAV Law and Operations Update/ A discussion of the FAA Part 107, the recent notice of proposal rulemaking and how unmanned and manned aircraft can exist in the National Airspace System