Safety Conference Speakers - Michael Wilson

Speaker Michael Wilson, started in Aviation 17 years ago with an introductory flight. Flight Instructor and Airline Pilot for ExpressJet Holdings. Air Traffic Controller including En Route, TRACON, and Tower. Operational Supervisor TRACON/Tower, Air Traffic manager TRACON/Tower.
Contact michael.w.wilson@faa.gov330-704-0213
Hometown Akron Ohio
Current Location Peninsula Ohio
Job Title Air Traffic Manager Mansfield ATCT, FAA
Previous Roles ExpressJet Holdings, Air Transport Professionals
Years of Experience 17 years in aviation
Aircraft Previously Flown C172, PA44, ERJ135/145
Flight Hours 4,000
Presentation Air Traffic Career Process, S804 realignment, 1 flight through the NAS/ My journey and what to expect through the Air Traffic training career process. Recognizing and capitalizing on opportunities within the ATO. S804 realignment what it is and where we are now. 1 flight through the NAS from your initial Flight plan, to landing at destination.