Safety Conference Speakers - Robert Kraus

Speaker Robert Kraus, Ph.D., joined the College of Aeronautics and Engineering in the summer of 2019 following a long and distinguished career in the US Air Force, serving as an airlift pilot, experimental test pilot, engineering professor, Chief Scientist at the US Air Force Academy, and research division chief. His career culminated in an assignment with the NATO Science and Technology Organization in Paris, France. One of the opportunities he had while working as an Experimental Test Pilot was to conduct hurricane-qualification testing on the new WC-130J aircraft.
Degree PhD, Virginia Tech
Hometown Medina, Ohio
Current Location/Domicile Kent State University
Job Title Associate Dean, Flight and Operations, Kent State University
Previous Roles US Air Force, 1987-2019. Colonel (retired), Experimental Test Pilot
Years of Experience 31
Aircraft Previously Flown T-41, C-130, C-12, C-141 plus more than 30 others
Flight Hours 3,300
Presentation I Double Dog Dare You--Flight Testing in a Hurricane
Short Description of your Speech/Presentation Topic In 1999, the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron started receiving brand new WC-130J aircraft to replace their aging fleet. However, before releasing the aircraft to operational crews, it had to be proven safe, reliable, and effective in the hurricane environment. This presentation will cover the preparation for the initial storm penetrations and the lessons learned with solutions that led to the full mission qualification of the aircraft and crews.