Safety Conference Speakers - Shawn Taylor

Speaker Shawn Taylor, a Senior Research Associate of the University of Toledo with more than 17 years of aerospace seals research experience at the NASA Glenn Research Center. During his tenure, Shawn has contributed to the development, evaluation, and integration of seals and thermal barriers for end-use applications including the International Space Station, the Space Shuttle, the Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle, and multiple other experimental vehicle platforms.
Degrees MS and BS Mechanical Engineering Case Western Reserve University; BS Applied Physics Marietta College
Hometown New Matamoras, Ohio
Current Location Cleveland, Ohio
Job Title Senior Research Associate at NASA Glenn Research Center
Employer The University of Toledo
Years of Experience 15
Presentation Topic Influence of Seals Research on the Success and Safety of Aerospace Flight Missions. This presentation will introduce the audience to the topic of aerospace seals research and highlight the influence that seals research has on the success and safety of aerospace flight missions.