Safety Conference Speakers - Whitney Dix


Whitney Dix has spent her entire career in the aviation industry. In 2011, Dix joined Southwest Airlines as the Manager of Dispatch Training. Her daily duties include developing, overseeing and instructing dispatch curriculum and keeping training records for Southwest Dispatchers. She works inside Southwest’s state-of-the-art Network Operations Control (NOC), which is Southwest’s decision center and owner of daily operations. The NOC is the nerve center of the airline and on a daily basis roughly 4,000 flights are dispatched by over 400 FAA certified Dispatchers to over 100 destinations in the US and 14 other countries.

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Degree/School Bachelors of Science in Aerospace Middle Tennessee State University
Hometown Murray, Kentucky
Current Location Dallas, Texas
Job Title Manager of Dispatch Training/ Network Operations Control
Current Employer/Retired From Southwest Airlines
Previous Roles ExpressJet Airlines dba Continental Express 2000-2011 Lead Dispatcher/Dispatcher
Years of Experience 20 years
Presentation How do we get to Hawaii on a B-737? ETOPS at Southwest/ An overview of what ETOPS is and how Southwest Dispatchers handle ETOPS flying to Hawaii.