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When the early bird commits the fraud, you need to catch it

Early revenue recognition has long accounted for a substantial portion of financial statement fraud. By recording revenue early, a dishonest business seller or an employee under pressure to meet financial benchmarks can significantly distort profits. Fortunately, fraud experts have tools to expose such manipulation.More Details

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To be effective, you can’t fight fraud passively

When it comes to reducing fraud loss and duration, active detection methods (such as surprise audits or data monitoring) are far more effective than passive methods (such as confessions or notification by police).More Details


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Why your phone may be a fraud risk

As more people use mobile phones, more fraud perpetrators target these devices. According to Javelin Strategy & Research, between 2017 and 2018 the number of fraudulent mobile-phone accounts opened grew by 78%. More Details



Trending Tech: What All Small Businesses Should Have

Technology plays an indispensable role in the daily operations of millions of companies across the world. With IT spending on the rise and new developments each year, it’s no surprise that organizations both large and small are looking for more ways to implement technology. For small business owners, the latest tech can often seem out of reach. The latest gadgets, software, and trends can be too pricey to be justifiable.

It’s comes to us courtesy of Calkins Law Firm,, offices in Cleveland, OH; Chagrin Falls, OH and Buffalo, NY. (216)200-7481. More Detai

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Ohio Launches “TechCred” to Give Businesses Access to Top Tech Talent