Specialization in Aeronautics/Aviation

The Master of Technology specialization in Aeronautics/Aviation option allows students to take advanced aeronautics courses and technology management courses. The program prepares students to be successful and to advance within aviation-related careers in business, government, and industry.

The program provides a broad-based educational experience that prepares students for administrative, managerial, operational, and technical positions in aviation and allied academic disciplines. It includes a combination of aeronautical courses emphasizing technical knowledge, skills, and practical experience along with courses focused on technology management principles and concepts.

This option is especially valuable for individuals currently working in aviation-related positions who are looking to further their education and enhance their careers

Program Requirements

Master of Technology students specializing in Aeronautics/Aviation are required to complete a minimum of 33 credit hours of course work as indicated below:

Download a pdf of Required Courses for a Specialization in Aeronautics/Aviation

Aeronautics Technology Courses (Course Prefix AERN)

A minimum of 15 credit hours of Aeronautics coursework should be taken in AERN courses.