Spiral Fuel Cell Design and 3D Printing

The Spiral Fuel Cell Design and 3D Printing project is led by Research Team Member Hemant Naik.

Solid oxide fuel cells have three different kinds of geometric designs:  planar, tubular, and monolithic. Spiral solid oxide fuel cells (S-SOFCs) fall under tubular design.

S-SOFCs use the inner space of the cylindrical design to provide more surface area for the electrochemical reaction to take place. In addition, due to the interconnected pathways, the fuel and the oxygen have two surfaces of interaction throughout their spiral pathway. Therefore, S-SOFCs offers an attractive alternative to conventional SOFCs.

S-SOFCs have a compact architecture and high volumetric power density compared to any other tubular design. Kent State’s Clean Energy Lab is working to research and design spiral fuel cells and manifolds, then manufacture the functional cells using additive manufacturing (3D printing) techniques.

image and photo of spiral solid oxide fuel cells S-SOFCs