Whitney Dix

Whitney Dix


Degree/University: Bachelors of Science in Aerospace Middle Tennessee State University

Hometown: Murray, Kentucky

Current Location: Dallas, Texas

Employer: Southwest Airlines

Title: Manager of Dispatch Training

Previous Employers:  ExpressJet Airlines 2000-2011 Dispatcher and Lead Dispatcher

Years of Experience: 19 years as a dispatcher for Part 121 airlines

Biography: Whitney Dix began her career at Continental Express, where she worked for 11 years as a dispatcher and lead dispatcher, instructing and developing training curriculum and maintaining her qualification as a dispatcher.

In 2011, Dix joined Southwest Airlines as the Manager of Dispatch Training. Her daily duties include developing, overseeing and instructing dispatch curriculum and keeping training records for Southwest Dispatchers. She works inside Southwest’s state-of-the-art Network Operations Control (NOC), which is Southwest’s decision center and owner of daily operations.

Dix enjoys mentoring others in the field of aviation and inspiring a new generation to pursue a career in aviation and, in particular, in aircraft dispatch. She is an active member of the Airline Dispatcher Federation and Women in Aviation International.

Presentation: Dispatch - Safety Starts with Us: The role of the dispatcher is there to enhance the safety of each flight that a scheduled air carrier operates. The dispatcher is the first line of defense in the risk management process. Utilizing tools, we carefully and thoughtfully create flight plans around severe weather, turbulence and deal with the many NOTAMS published daily. The role of the dispatcher, and the tools used to prevent injuries to flight crews, flight attendants and customers when dealing with turbulence in the National Airspace System.