3D Printed Lamp Shades!

CAED students recently exhibited a series of 3D printed light shades for a week-long pop-up exhibition in the MuseLab (located in the Kent State Library) titled 3D Printed Bio-Luminaires. The work was produced by upper-level undergraduate and graduate architecture students from the CAED for an elective titled Digital Crafting.  This was the first project in the class, which lasted roughly 7 weeks, and served as an introduction  to using digital design tools in combination with a digital fabrication tool; in this case 3D printing.

The challenge for project was to create a visually appealing pendant light design that is material efficient, geometrically complex, and able to diffuse the light source properly. The students began by digitally modeling several models/iterations of overall forms of the pendant. They then moved to exploring different subdivision patterns, which were extracted from the natural inspiration.  Various modeling techniques and approaches were investigated, and physical prototypes were produced.