3D Printing | College of Architecture & Environmental Design | Kent State University

Lead Time

5 -10 Days Typically

Note: It takes time to 3D print objects.  Please plan accordingly.  


$0.08 per gram 
pieces are weighed with all support material

3D Printing is for studio/class purposes only. We will not print personal projects or gift items such as action figures, novelty items or trinkets.  

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3D Printing Guidelines

Think of 3D printing as a hot glue gun that is controlled by a robot that lays down material one layer at a time and builds upon itself. With this in mind there are a few guidelines to keep in mind before considering 3D printing as a fabrication method.

  • Overhangs, cantilevers or any unsupported surface will need to have supports printed underneath it.  Models with an abundance of negative space will not turn out well.  
  • Models with very small bottom layers have a difficult time adhering to the print surface and have high probability of failure.  
  • Tall thin stand alone walls are difficult to print and are prone to being knocked over during the printing process
  • Do not submit small city scapes with small boxes as buildings. These are surprisingly difficult to print and very time consuming.
  • Please don't submit simple shapes such as plain cylinders or boxes. These items can take a long time to print and can be more easily fabricated with different methods.
  • 3D printers do very well with complex shapes and curves.  
  • All of our prints are made from PLA plastic which takes sanding and painting well. 

Build Plate Dimensions

Ultimaker 2+
200mm W x 200mm D x 200mm T

Ultimaker 2+ Extended and 3+ Extended
200mm W x 200mm D x 300mm T 

Prusa I3 Mrk3
240mm W x 200mm D x 200mm T