Computing is of central importance to the work of the College of Architecture and Environmental Design (CAED).  Two computing labs, the digital commons and the digital fabrication and print center are all integral amenities to education at the CAED.  Computing facilities, including laser cutting, plastics printing, plaster printing, large format color and black and white plotting are supported by CAED's I.T. coordinator, computing staff and faculty.  A full complement of software systems are available in the labs.  Network and notebook support is assisted by CAED and the university helpdesk support system.

Rendering your Revit file can be done in minutes instead of hours using the interactions listed here.

Several new policies have been implemented that will affect everyone using the Digital Fabrication and Print Center.  Please read them here.

Digital Fabrication and Print Center schedule

Device fees and information

To sign up for laser cutting or to color plot, please click here.  To view the waiting list, please click here.  

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