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Laser Cutter

Universal VLS660

Chipboard, matte-board, museum board, basswood, other wood and paper based products:
$1.30 per minute for the first 10 minutes - $.65 per minute thereafter

Acrylic based material – Vector and Raster cuts $1.40 per minute for the first 10 minutes - $.70 per minute thereafter

Acrylic Pricing

Acrylic sheets are now available for purchase in the print center.  The prices and sizes are:


1/16" - $10.00
1/8" - $12.50
1/4" - $25.00

Thicknesses are approximate - prices are subject to change due to market fluctuations.

To address your questions and concerns about the laser cutter and pricing structure, please read the following “Frequently Asked Questions”.  

Q: Why are acrylic based materials more expensive to cut?
A: To cut acrylic based materials without damaging the optics of the laser cutter over time, a refrigerated air system needed to be purchased with the new laser cutter.  This air system cost several thousand dollars extra.  Because of this, and the potential for future maintenance to this system, the additional fee is necessary.

Q: When will acrylic cutting be available?
A: Acrylic cutting is now available!

Q: What kind of acrylic can we cut, how thick can it be, and where do we get it?
A: Acrylic sheets can be purchased in the print center.  Please see above for current pricing.  You may alternatively purchase "Optix" or "Plexi" branded acrylic from various home improvement/hardware stores for use on the laser cutter.  The label or paper/plastic covering indicating the brand and type of plastic must be affixed to the acrylic sheet by the factory in order for us to use it on the laser cutter.      

Color Plotter

Save your file as a .psd or .pdf.
Please flatten all .psd files prior to having your file printed.   

Color Bond - $5.00 per linear foot
Satin - $7.00 per linear foot

A 24” x 36” color bond print would cost $10
A 40” x 84” color bond print would cost $35

Vacuum Press

Click HERE for instructions.


Large format scanning has been discontinued by the CAED Digital Fabrication and Print Center.  Scanning can be done off-site at SE Blueprint at a discounted rate for CAED students.  The cost is $1.00 per square foot (color) and $.25 per square foot (b/w).  This price is subject to change without notice.  Please contact SE Blueprint for more information or to make an appointment:

SE Blueprint
540 South Main Street, Suite 211
Akron, Ohio 44311

*In an effort to minimize laser cutting delays, the following policy has been implemented. No setup fee will be charged if the laser cutting format guide located at has been followed.  If this guide is not followed and extensive time is required to properly format your file, you may be charged a $15 setup fee (at the print room employee’s discretion).  You will be notified in advance if your file requires a setup fee.