ARCH 46993 - Digital Design & Fabrication Workshop

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Monday, 10 June, 2019 - 12:00 am to Wednesday, 03 July, 2019 - 12:00 am

off campus


A 'waffle' piece of contemporary architectureFolded metal architectural pieceLumin piece of architecture

This course generates an understanding of many ways in which digital technology is changing the design process. It is an exploration in making using a combination of analog and digital processes. Lectures focus on the connection between digital fabrication and the design process within the context of contemporary architecture, industrial design, and other various mixed media. The workshop investigates various methods through research, discussion, analysis, and hands-on investigation through actual building using a variety of techniques and materials. Students will be introduced to a variety of fabrication technologies including laser cutter, 3d Printing and CNC milling.

Includes Architectural Study Tours of contemporary architecture in Cleveland and Akron.

Rhinoceros 3D / Grasshopper

Machine / Hardware:
ULS 60-watt Laser
3-axis Laguna CNC router

Corrugated Cardboard / Chipboard / 
Plywood / Foam / Sheet Metal

Minimum of 8 students; Limited to 16 students

Cost per person: $2,800
*includes room, board and materials
(not including, flight, visa, ground transportation)
**cost advertised is after both the OGE and CAED scholarship

Registration Deadline: April 15, 2019


For more information, contact: Sara Morato Querejazu, Assistant Director, Education Abroad


Upon completion of the course, students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate an advanced understanding of digital tools and how they can be applied to solve architectural digital fabrication problems.
  • Display proficiency in best practices for 3D modeling for laser cutter operation.
  • Carry out production/assembly of small-scale prototypes.


Laser cut panelsAn architectural sculptureCNC Panels