New Home of CAED | Kent State University



The College of Architecture and Environmental Design (CAED) at Kent State University has begun construction on a new facility, designed and located to be a physical statement of the strengthened relationship between the city and university. The building is placed along the Lefton Esplanade, the primary connection between the two entities, engaging not only our design students but the campus and city as a whole. Approaching from the west, it will be the first impression of the university, a culmination of planning and relationships.

Give to Our New Home



During the design process, as you are aware, not all design features make the final plans. The building is already exceptional, but we have created a fund to implementPledge Today enhancements that will take it to an entirely new level of efficiency, performance, and quality. As we begin building this future home of CAED, I hope that you will consider supporting your alma mater. With your help this project will truly be a memorable step in the procession of design facilities constructed in this century. Our Design Fund will help us create an exceptional environment for our students in a building that casts a vision of their place as the world’s future designers. As a consequence, it will reveal the reasons for outstanding architecture and design. Enhancements through this fund will enable us to share this vision with a broader society and solidify CAED’s place as an exceptional design school.

Give to Students

Some of you may identify more strongly with students than bricks and mortar. Thus we have created a second fund for scholarships. We may have the greatest building imaginable, and we will, but without scholars it becomes a shell. As economic times have created financial burdens on families, attaining the full educational experience has become more difficult. This has resulted in restrictions on traveling abroad, and even at times has precluded degree completion. We wish to assist and ask you to do so as well. Your gift to this fund will bridge the gap between a student’s personal resources and their aspirations.I am sincerely asking for your help and am enthusiastic about your participation because this is our chance to show ownership of this project and support our future designers. No matter what you decide to contribute, never think your contribution will be overlooked or deemed insignificant. It will make a difference. Your dollars are valuable and we will treat them with the same intentional care that we give to our students.

For more information contact Marti Ring, Director of Advancement at 330-672-0932 

Will you participate? We trust you will!

Thank you in advance, Douglas L Steidl, FAIA Dean, The College of Architecture and Environmental Design