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An Architecture Play is a collaboration between Kent CAED and the A+D Museum in Los Angeles.

An Architecture Play consists of four acts for architecture—an Architecture Play.

Act one will develop as a roundtable discussion among the Director of the Architecture Program at Kent, The Director of the A+D Museum, and the four moderators during Fall 2018. Act two takes form as a conference in which ten panelists will discuss and propose a stable framework for a productive relationship between Pedagogy, Practice, Project, and Past which will be moderated by three Kent faculty members and the associate curator. This second act will take place in Kent during the spring of 2019 at the College of Architecture an Environmental Design. Act Three will consist of the same panelists, now producing an avenue of investigation that will be injected into their Spring 2019 semester of teaching, as a means to allow such framework time to unravel and begin to respond to the current climate before being solidified in different formats. Act Four will run in parallel with the panelist enlisting five collaborators each and contributors to produce an exhibition that will be showcased at the A+D Museum in Los Angeles during Summer 2019, and at the Armstrong Gallery at the CAED during the Fall 2019, along with a publication charted for release in the spring of 2020. 



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A+D Museum

Ivan Bernal 
Anthony Morey


Clemens Finkelstein


Kathryn Strand

Jon Yoder

Taraneh Meshkani


Cene Lecture Hall 


November 9th, 2018

5:30 pm

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