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Post-undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Architecture

In the 2018 admissions cycle, and thereafter, the post-undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Architecture will be phased out in favor of direct admission to the Master of Architecture Program which will now permit applications from students with any undergraduate bachelor degree. Please see further explanation on the Master of Architecture page.

The post‐undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Architecture program is for students holding a non‐architecture baccalaureate degree or students holding bachelors degrees in architecture from non‐NAAB‐accredited programs. Students completing both the Bachelor of Science + Master of Architecture (M.Arch) will hold an accredited professional degree and will, therefore, be academically qualified to take the Architecture Registration Exam.

The post‐undergraduate Bachelor of Science with a major in architecture is awarded following approximately two years of study, including two summers. The reason this course of study is abbreviated is the advanced standing provided for by the candidate's prior degree.

The accredited professional degree sequence includes the completion of the Bachelor of Science in Architecture program and the Master of Architecture 44. Entry to the M.Arch. 44 program is competitive and post‐undergraduate students are not ensured a place in the professional degree program. Post‐undergraduate students will be evaluated for entry to the M.Arch. 44 with all other applicants. Assuming academic success, the two degree sequence for many post‐undergraduate students is approximately three years, three months, the program includes three summers of study.


Students applying to this program are required to have:
a) a four‐year undergraduate degree
b) Algebra and Trigonometry
c) Calculus with Pre‐Calculus I & II or Analytic Geometry & Calculus I
d) College Physics I
e) College Physics II


Summer Sessions
AED 10101 Foundation Design Studio I -3
AED 10102 Foundation Design Studio II -3
Fall Semester 
ARCH 20101 2nd Year Design Studio I -3
ARCH 20601 Computer Applications in Architecture I -2
ARCH 30401 Methods and Materials I -3
ARCH 30501 Environmental Technologies I -3
ARCH 10011 Global History of Architecture I -3
Advancement to Urban Design and 3rd Year Studio II shall be based upon performance in the preceding coursework above 2.75.
Spring Semester
ARCH 30002 Urban Design -1
ARCH 30102 3rd Year Design Studio II -5
ARCH 20301 Introduction to Building Structures -3
ARCH 10012 Global History of Architecture II -3
ARCH 20602 Computer Applications in Architecture II -1
ARCH 30301 Structural Systems I -3
Fall Semester
ARCH 40001 Sustainable Design (WIC – Writing Intensive Course) -1
ARCH 40101 4th Year Design Studio I -5
ARCH 40402 Methods & Materials II -3
ARCH 40502 Environmental Technology II -3
ARCH 4xxxx architecture elective -3
Spring Semester 
ARCH 40002 Systems Design -1
ARCH 40102 4th Year Design Studio II -5
ARCH 40302 Structural Systems II -3
ARCH 456xx History of Architecture Elective -3
ARCH 4xxxx architecture elective -3


Students with a degree in a field other than architecture may apply for admission directly to the Bachelor of Science in Architecture program as post‐undergraduates. This program normally takes two academic years to complete after an introductory summer studio program and one course in the summer after the first year. Students seeking admission to this program must have an undergraduate GPA of at least 3.00 and should have the prerequisites listed below. The degree requires a minimum of 69 semester hours with a 2.75 GPA.