Printing | Kent State University

Standard printing

Below is a link to step by step directions on printing standard page sizes (8.5x11 & 11x17) with our new Xerox copy machines.

Student Printing Directions

Large format Black and White Plotting

Black and white large format plotters are located on the 3rd and 4th floor and also use the Pharos System to print. Use the Student Printing Directions above with the following information in mind.

Only The following sizes will print:
ARCH C (C+): 18 x 24
ARCH D (D+): 24 x 36
ARCH E (E+): 36 x 48

Your file must be in one of these sizes

Your file must be in black and white

Note: if your print is an incorrect size or has color the system will estimate an enormous fee (~$999,999,999.99). Change your file and print again. 


Print Drivers

Important: If you are using the old pharos print drivers on your machine, you must uninstall those drivers before installing the new ones below.  Uninstall the old drivers under settings>devices>printers and scanners

CAED Pharos Print Drivers

CUDC Pharos Print Drivers

Note:  Printing from your personal computer is not supported by the CAED IT department.  If you encounter issues, try deleting and reinstalling the pharos print drivers and if all else fails use the computer lab or print station computers to print.