Using Your Graduation Planning System (GPS)

The steps and screenshots below will guide you as you navigate the Graduation Planning System (GPS)

Step 1: Sign into FlashLine, select “Student”, select “Resources”, select “Advising and GPS”.

Step 2: Select “GPS Audit and Plan.”

FlashLine Advising and GPS screenshot

Step 3: Make sure all AP/CLEP/College Credit Plus work has been applied to your GPS audit. If it has not, make note of this for your Required Advising Appointment.

Components of your GPS Audit

  • Legend
  • University Requirements
  • Upper Division Hours Requirement
  • Kent Core Requirement
  • Foreign Language Requirement (Arch Studies Only)
  • Major Requirements
  • Additional Major Requirements
  • Non-ARCH requirements (ARCH and ARCS only)

FlashLine Legend and requirements screenshot

Kent core requirements screenshot

Major, additional major and non-arch requirements FlashLine screenshot