Virtual Student Employment Fair

Wednesday, August 12, 2020 -
10:00am to 4:00pm

Info for StudentsInfo for Employers

The Virtual Student Employment Fair is open to all Kent State University students at all campuses looking for virtual or on-campus student employment opportunities during the Fall 2020 semester. 

Information for Students:

Looking for a remote OR on-campus student employment position for this upcoming fall semester? Then join us for the Virtual Student Employment Fair on August 12 from 10:00am - 4:00pm EST! This event will take place 100% in Handshake and will allow you to connect with on-campus employers through 1-on-1 video sessions and group video sessions to learn about a variety of student employment opportunities!

1-on-1 video sessions allow you to meet with on-campus employers you are interested in learning more about on an individual basis. Think of these 1-on-1 sessions as your first introduction to the employer. The sessions are meant to simulate how you would interact with an employer at an in-person career fair by walking up to their table. During this time, you should introduce yourself, share your elevator pitch, and ask questions about the on-campus department and positions available. An on-campus employer might ask you about your skills, experiences, and professional interests but keep in mind that these sessions are not intended to be a formal interview.

Group video sessions can be used by an employer to give you an overview on open opportunities, department values, or can even be formatted as an open Q&A session. Up to 50 people can attend a group session so make sure to sign up if you’re interested!

How the Virtual Fair Will Work:

  • On-campus employers will post positions they need to fill for the Fall 2020 semester in Handshake. You can easily find these positions by clicking on the employers attending the fair to view their registration profile which will have links to any available positions.
  • On-campus employers will have various 1-on-1 and group video sessions available to join throughout the duration of the fair. Sign up for 1-on-1 and group sessions BEFORE the fair. While you can sign-up for a session on the day of the fair it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to sign-up ahead of time. You can sign up for as many sessions as your schedule allows. Be cautious to not overbook yourself!
    • NOTE: You will need to register for the Career Exploration Fair before you can start signing up for employer sessions.
    • 1-on-1 sessions are up to 10 minutes in length. These sessions are a great way to introduce yourself to the employer, share your elevator pitch, and ask questions to learn more about the position(s) the department is hiring for.
    • Group sessions are up to 30 minutes in length. An on-campus employer may choose to host a group session if their department is hiring a lot of students or they want to communicate information about their various positions to a larger group.
  • To participate in 1-on-1 sessions you will need to set your profile visibility to Employers. This option will make you visible to employers approved by Kent State.  
  • To participate in group sessions you will need to set your profile visibility to Community. This option will give you access to Peer Messaging! Choosing Community will make you visible to other students and alumni across all Handshake schools, as well as to employers approved by Kent State.
  • On the day of the fair, you will join the 1-on-1 and/or group sessions you signed up for. If you have limited access to video or audio technology, don’t let that prevent you from participating! 1-on-1 and group sessions with employers can consist of video, audio AND/OR text-only based chat in Handshake.
  • You can cancel sessions up until the time that it is scheduled. Handshake will show you a warning whenever you cancel a session, to promote professionalism. You will be able to join group sessions with availability up to 10 minutes into the session. If a group session is at capacity (50 people) before the day of the virtual fair, then you will not be able to attend that session.
  • Once you have identified positions you are interested in, apply for the positions in Handshake.
  • Employers will be following up with your application within 48 hours from the time you apply so you will receive a quick response about any next steps in the process!

REMINDER: You must register in Handshake to participate in this career fair. If you do not register, you will not have access to signing up for 1-on-1 video sessions or group video sessions with employers.

Student registration will open on Monday, August 3.  Click the button below to learn about ways you can start preparing NOW!

Register via Handshake

Information for Kent State University On-Campus Employers:

Please note, only Kent State University departments hiring for the Fall 2020 semester can use this event to recruit for open positions.  If you are an employer outside of Kent State University, check out our upcoming Career Exploration Fair to see if it is a fit for your recruiting needs.

Handshake has introduced several new features that allow capabilities to host a 100% virtual career fair. These new features include:

  • 1-on-1 video sessions between an employer and potential student candidate (10 minutes in length)
  • Group video sessions hosted by an employer that students can join (maximum of three 30 minute sessions per employer)

1-on-1 video sessions allow your department to meet with qualified students on an individual basis and meet many types of students. During this time, you and the student candidate will introduce yourselves. Additionally, students will be encouraged to share their elevator pitch so you can learn more about them and ask questions about your department and the positions you are looking to hire for. Think of this as your first introduction to the student. It is meant to simulate how a student would interact with you by walking up to your table at an in-person career fair.

Group video sessions can be used to educate students on department values and open opportunities, information sessions, "ask me anythings", and more. You can also add members of your department to participate in group sessions to help with moderation and coordination (i.e. facilitating video, chat, and screen sharing).

How the Virtual Fair Will Work:

  1. Post positions in Handshake that your department is hiring for. Candidate applications will be open to all students, but on-campus employers may indicate Federal Work Study and other preferences in the job description.
  2. Register for the event in Handshake. Make sure your available position(s) you are hiring for are LINKED to your fair registration. Otherwise, students will have a difficult time finding what you are hiring for which could lead to low application numbers.
  3. Create a schedule of video sessions you would like students to sign up for. You will have the option to host 1-on-1 video sessions and group video sessions with students and create a schedule that works for the representative(s) that will be participating in recruiting students at the fair. While the fair will take place from 10:00am - 4:00pm, you do not have to have available sessions throughout the entirety of the fair. It is encouraged to create enough availability in your schedule that gives students the chance to explore your opportunities and for you to meet with a variety of candidates.
  4. Once your schedule is set, be sure to consistently check Handshake and review your schedule of sessions.  Please note that while students will be STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to register for sessions before the fair, they will also have the capability to register on the day of the fair.  Therefore, if you have openings in your schedule the day before the fair, there is a chance that some of those openings will be filled by a student on the day of the fair.
  1. Host the sessions you have scheduled with students.
  2. Evaluate candidates you have interacted with.
  1. After the fair has concluded, download the applications and resumes for your positions.
  2. Contact all candidates by phone or email within 24-48 hours affirming receipt of the application, to invite them for a phone and/or video interview, etc.
    1. Note: If you are not interested in a candidate who has applied, please let them know that they will not be moving forward in the hiring process.
    2. Example email follow-up: Thank you for your application to (enter department name). I want to inform you that you have not been selected to interview for this position. We encourage you to apply for future openings for which you qualify. Best wishes for a successful job search.
  3. Once you have identified a candidate you wish to hire, follow the instructions on the Supervisor Checklist for On-Campus Employment.


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Contact Katie Kimble, Program Coordinator of Student Employment, at or 330-672-2360 with any questions.

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