KSU Grad Assistantship Guide

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What is a Graduate Assistantship?

Graduate assistantships provide graduate students with a source of financial aid as well as a service commitment designed to benefit the student's professional development while fulfilling university needs. The university offers three types of graduate assistantships: teaching, research and administrative assistantships.

All appointments provide a stipend and may include full tuition remission in exchange for a service commitment. A full- time assistantship requires 20 hours of work per week (300 hours per semester), and a half-time assistantship requires 10 hours per week. The vast majority of assistantships are academic year (Fall/Spring) appointments.

In order to be eligible, a student must maintain enrollment in eight semester hours. Graduate appointees are paid on the 15th and last day of the month.

How to Locate Positions

Graduate assistantships are available in many academic departments and administrative offices, although availability varies by program of study, type of degree (academic/research vs. professional), and degree level (Master's vs. Doctoral). Hiring for an upcoming academic year typically occurs the previous spring semester.

  1. For teaching and research assistantships in a student’s program, he or she must submit the Application for Graduate Assistantship and a resume to the graduate program coordinator. The application can be found in the Graduate Program Forms Library at http://www.kent.edu/graduatestudies/forms-library

  2. Administrative assistantships (assisting faculty, staff and administrators) along with other campus positions for students may be posted by departments on the Career Exploration and Development’s Flash @ Work at https://flash-at-work.kent.edu.

    • First, create an account Flash @ Work and upload your resume (and cover letter, if desired).

    • Log into Flash @ Work frequently to check for available assistantships and other campus positions for

      students. Position postings will provide details regarding how to apply, duties and responsibilities, and any additional information required.

  3. Since not all assistantships are posted on Flash @ Work, networking by contacting departments directly (does not have to be within your discipline) is critical to locating opportunities.

  4. Visit the Division of Student Affairs web page for an overview of departments in the division that employ graduate assistants: http://www.kent.edu/studentaffairs/graduate-assistantships

  5. Talk with your professors about possible leads and department resources. Also follow up with departments regarding applications submitted. Find out how you can improve your candidacy for other opportunities.

Other Search Strategies

  • Make sure your resume and interview skills shine! Meet with a Career Advisor in Career Exploration and Development for a resume critique, interview practice, and help with networking and using Flash @ Work.

  • Contact the Student Financial Aid Office at www.kent.edu/financialaid to see what aid might be available to you.

Division of Graduate Studies

Graduate student and assistantship policies are the responsibility of the Division of Graduate Studies, Cartwright Hall, 650 Hilltop Drive, 330-672-2661. Additional assistantship information and policy can be found at their web page: http://www.kent.edu/graduatestudies/assistantships.