Questions to Ask to Refine Your Job Search

Before you begin your search, make sure you can answer the following questions.  Be able to describe the jobs you are seeking, why you are qualified for those positions, and customize your resume accordingly.

What are my likes and dislikes?

What am I good at?

Why do I want to pursue this career?

What is the job outlook?

What kind of life can I have with this career?

Where do I find these jobs?

Can you answer the following questions for employers of interest? 

  • Full Name of Company - (if acronym, know what it stands for)
  • Is the organization public or private?
  • What industry is the company in?
  • What are its revenues/sales?  Is it on the Fortune 500 or 1000 List?
  • How many employees?
  • Is the company local, regional, national, or multinational?
  • What is a general description of the company?  What are its chief products or services?
  • Who is the company's main competitor?
  • What are some recent news stories involving the organization?

How do I best prepare for employment in this area?