Steps For International Student Employees

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Steps to On-Campus Employment for International Students

All employees are required to have a social security number. The Social Security Administration requires an international student without a social security number to prove he or she has obtained an on-campus position, and show evidence of that employment, before a Social Security number will be issued.

International students must complete the following steps before they may begin work:


  1. Search for an on-campus position. To view openings, go to the Flash @ Work website and log in with your FlashLine username and password, update your profile & upload a resume, and then you may begin searching and applying for positions. To locate on-campus jobs & graduate assistantships: 1) Click on Job Search, then Advanced Search, and 2) enter “On-Campus” in the Organization Name field. Scroll down to see all currently available positions.

    Apply only for positions you are qualified for. International students are not eligible for Work Study. Read the position descriptions carefully to ensure they are not limited to students with a federal work study award only.

  2. Once you have interviewed and received an offer of employment, your supervisor will complete and sign Section I of the Social Security Employment Verification Form. You will take this with you to the Office of Global Education (see Step 3). The supervisor will also send you an electronic Offer of Student Employment Position Form, which you will sign online.

    While you have begun the employment process, you may not begin work until all required employment forms are completed and permission has been granted.

  3. Visit the Office of Global Education (106 Van Campen) to have the Social Security Employment Verification Form completed.

  4. Visit the Social Security Administration Office (444 Enterprise Parkway, Ravenna, Ohio, 44266) to submit your Social Security Employment Verification Form. Be certain to obtain a Verification of Application for a Social Security Number that includes your name from the Social Security Administration.

  5. Visit Career Exploration and Development (MSC 104/261- See signs) to complete the remaining employment forms. Paperwork can be completed Monday-Friday, 9am-Noon and 1-4pm.

    Before you come to Student Employment, you should:

    • Sign the electronic Offer of Student Employment Position Form from your supervisor.

    • Log into CampusWorks at:, with your FlashLine username and

      password, click the “Accept” button to sign the Student Employment Certification Statement

      You will need to present the following: 1) I-20 or DS-2019, 2) I-94 and 3) Passport (or other Acceptable Photo Identification)

  6. Once you have completed the employment paperwork, let your supervisor know. They will formally offer the position to you through CampusWorks. You will receive an email in approximately 1-2 business days to log into CampusWorks to confirm your acceptance of the employment offer.

    You will be notified via the On-Campus Student Employment Confirmation email when permission to work has been granted. Once this email is received, you should set up Direct Deposit via Flashline. Direct Deposit can be found under Employee, on the Dashboard.

  7. If you have not been contacted by the Payroll Office within two weeks of completing your employment paperwork, you should call to make an appointment to complete the final employment requirements (330-672- 8640, 236 MSC).

    You will need to present the following: 1) I-20 or DS-2019, 2) I-94, 3) Passport/Visa and 4) Social Security Card (if you have received it).

    If you do not have your social security card when you meet with Payroll, YOU ARE REQUIRED to present to the Payroll Office (236 MSC) your card after you receive it. Failure to do so will result in termination of employment.

Tips for Navigating the Job Search Process in the U.S.


  1. Know how to market yourself. U.S. employers look for applicants who have clear career goals and the ability to describe how one’s skills and experiences align with position requirements.

  2. Know the difference between a resume and curriculum vitae (CV). American resumes are formatted differently than international resumes, so design your resume to reflect U.S. employer expectations.

  3. If the employer is no longer hiring or the position has been filled, do not keep asking for a job or contacting the employer on a regular basis. This could be interpreted as over-bearing and could affect future employment possibilities.

  4. If a position is offered to you, you must respect the terms of your employment.

     If for some reason you cannot accept the position, it is courteous to call, send a letter, or e-mail the employer to explain why you are unable to accept it.

     KSU departments count on their employees, so it is important to work the hours that you agree to work, to arrive at work on time and to always inform your supervisor if you are unable to come to work or if you will be late.

  5. Dress professionally and speak with your employer about their specific workplace dress code.

  6. If you wish to leave your position, it is considerate to write an official resignation letter to your supervisor two weeks prior to leaving or verbally communicate to your employer that you do not wish to continue. It is unprofessional to just stop showing up.

  7. Actively practice your English speaking skills.

  8. Work Hour Limits: The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) has limited part-time employment for international students to no more than 20 hours per week during the semester. Working more than 20 hours per week could have serious implications for the student and the University. International students may work up to 28-hours per week when classes are not in session (winter and spring breaks) and during the summer.