Uncover Skills & Interests

Selecting a career path and major are two of the most important decisions you will make as a student. Take a closer look at your skills, interests, and values with the help of a career expert who may suggest one of the assessments below, followed by an interpretation of your results.

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Self-Assessment Tools

Setting meaningful and achievable career goals rely on personal insight and reflection on your:

  • Interests - things you enjoy and have fun doing like hobbies and social activities.
  • Skills and abilities - your strengths such as organizing, speaking, writing, planning, and problem-solving.
  • Values - what's important to you and keeps you motivated like making a contribution to your community, providing leadership, or having job security.

Online Assessments

  • MyPlan

    MyPlan assessments are free by using the KSU access code at www.kent.myplan.com. Assessments include a Skills Profiler, Interest Inventory, Values Assessment, and Personality Test.  

    Make the most of your results by checking "share results with a career advisor" when registering, then schedule a meeting with a career expert for feedback and next steps.

  • COLLAGE: A Kent State to Career Portfolio

    Login to Collage: A Kent State to Career Portfolio using your FlashLine credentials to find a variety of exercises that will assist you with developing self-awareness and thinking about your major and career goals.

  • Decision Making Tools

    » Use the Quick Career Decision Maker to better understand the factors that are important to you when making decisions.

    » Try Discover Your Decision Making Style to use your style to your advantage.

  • Career Maturity Inventory (CMI)

    » The CMI helps you gain insight into the process of and readiness for making career decisions. Take the Career Maturity Inventory.

In-Person Assessments


    The SDS is the world's most widely used career interest inventory.  

    » Takes 20-30 minutes to complete and 15 minutes to review results during drop in hours with a career expert.


    The MBTI is a personality assessment designed to measure preferences in how one perceives the world and makes decisions. Understanding your basic preferences can help you explore career environments that are best for you. 

    » Speak with one of our MBTI certified career counselors to determine if this assessment is appropriate for you. If so, you will be provided a login and password for access to the online MBTI assessment.

    » Cost: $16.00 for a detailed report and interpretation of results by a MBTI certified career counselor in a one-hour appointment.


    Card sorts are an effective way to prioritize and categorize skills and values in a way that can aid individuals in career decision making. 

    » Allow one hour to complete and receive feedback from a career expert.