College of Arts and Sciences DKS Advising FAQ

Welcome to your first semester at Kent State! The College of Arts and Sciences is excited to meet with you and advise you on your first semester of classes.

Below are commonly asked questions to help you prepare for your DKS advising appointment and first semester at Kent.

My DKS Appointment

How do I connect with my advisor tomorrow?

  • Emails were sent to your Kent State email address and personal email address containing a Microsoft Teams Meeting link.
  • Click the purple “Click here to join the meeting” link at the time of your appointment. This will allow you to join the remote appointment. There are also call-in instructions provided.

What if I cannot find the meeting invitation/email from my advisor?

Email Mandy Anderson, Director of Academic Advising (

What if I cannot attend at the meeting time?

Email Mandy Anderson, Director of Academic Advising (

What if my family member wants to attend the appointment?

Ideally, appointments are one-on-one between student and advisor. This is a time for you to share your interests and goals while building a relationship with college representatives.  If you feel you need support, guests may attend.  Please understand your academic records and test scores will be discussed during the appointment.

Make Changes to Majors and Minors

What if I want to change my major now?

Email Mandy Anderson, Director of Academic Advising (

Email the advisor who sent you the appointment invitation. 

Email your DKS advisor or including your name, ID, and your new major.  They can help you to adjust your schedule or connect you to your new college if you are leaving Arts and Sciences.  

Minors are typically declared during your first advising appointment in the fall semester. Be sure to mention the minor in your advising appointment tomorrow.

Placement and Testing

What if I did not take ACT or SAT tests? How will this affect my placement?

Take the ALEKS Math placement test prior to meeting with your advisor on Day 2 of DKS. Placement will be determined by ALEKS scores and/or high school GPA.

You have the opportunity to complete self-paced learning modules.  After refreshing your knowledge, you may then reassess.  If your score improves, please email your DKS advisor or  Visit Testing Services to learn more.  

You can have your writing placement reassessed using Accuplacer. Visit Testing Services to learn more.  

Speak with your advisor during the advising appointment. They may connect you with a faculty member directly to determine placement.

Speak with your advisor during the advising appointment. They may connect you with a faculty member directly to determine placement.

Speak with your advisor during the advising appointment.  You may be able to complete the requirement and/or earn credit through testing programs such as CLEP or Credit by Exam.  

Visit the Foreign Language Placement section in the University Readiness Standards and Placement Assessment to learn more about a possible language waiver.

Prior College Credit

What if I have prior college credit from another school?

  • Gather transcript (unofficial is acceptable such as screenshot or image) tonight and share it with your advisor tomorrow.
  • Have the other institution send KSU an official transcript.
  • If courses were taken at Kent State, including regional campuses, you do not need to provide transcripts.
  • Course equivalencies can be found at: Kent State Transfer Credit Guide | Kent State University.
    • Some courses may require additional evaluation by faculty.  If this is the case, your advisor will ask you to supply the course syllabi (additional documentation may be needed for chemistry courses).
  • You will still enroll in First Year Experience.

  • Access your College Board account and supply your advisor with a screenshot or images of your test results.  If you have not already, be sure to have the score sent to Kent State in order to receive the credit.
  • Kent State accepts scores of 3, 4 or 5. Access more information about what AP tests are accepted, course equivalencies, and how to report scores here: Advanced Placement | Kent State University.

Your advisor will place you as though you have not taken the test. Once you receive your score in early July, email your DKS advisor with documentation of your scores if you receive a 3 or higher.

Prepare documentation of your IB credit to your advising appointment. Access more information about IB credit, course equivalencies, and how to report scores here: International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

  • Have official transcripts sent to Kent.
  • These courses will provide you general elective credits. Generally, they do not impact course scheduling.  
  • Learn more here:
College Opportunities

Explore programs through the Office of Global Education  and mention this to your advisor.  

  • You can read more about EAP here: KSU and NEOMED Early Assurance Program.
  • Plans to apply to the Early Assurance Program will not impact your first semester schedule.  Your advisor will place you in courses based on your major and placement test results.
  • In the fall semester, contact Erin Lawson, Academic Program Coordinator ( 

Email Ed Butch, Director of Retention and Recruitment (

Email Kris Braxton, Assistant Director of Academic Diversity Outreach ( 

Unique Student Groups

Connect with Student Accessibility Services for possible accommodations. All students follow the same degree requirements. 

Connect with your athletics counselor prior to your academic advising session.

The Honors College will pre-register you for your honors courses prior to meeting with your advisor. If you have questions about your honors classes, contact your honors advisor.

Follow Up and Next Steps

Email the advisor you met with during DKS or

You will receive an email the day after your DKS appointment from your assigned advisor. You can work with your DKS or assigned advisor for questions over the summer. You can also email questions to

Contact Undergraduate Admissions to change your admit term to Summer 2021 and work with your advisor to register summer classes.