Documenting Violence: Seeing the Disappeared (Oct. 12) | College of Arts & Sciences | Kent State University

Documenting Violence: Seeing the Disappeared (Oct. 12)

*This is the second night of a two-night event

Kent State University’s College of Arts and Sciences and The Institute for the Study and Prevention of violence presents “Documenting Violence: Seeing the Disappeared” from 7-9 pm on October 11th and 12th in Cartwright Auditorium on the Kent Campus.  Research on violence in Guatemala, the former Yugoslavia, and the U.S., including the events of September 11th, will be presented.  The event is free and to the public.

  • Forensic pathologist Dr. Zoran Budimlija of the University of Pennsylvania Medical System will speak about the identification of victims in mass graves from the war in the former Yugoslavia as well as his role as a team leader of the 9-11 World Trade Center Human Identification Project.
  • Kent State University Anthropologist Dr. Anthony Tosi will talk about his specialized forensic ‘Touch-DNA’ analysis of homicides in New York City.
  • Anthropologist Dr. Linda Spurlock of Kent State University will present her work on 2-D and 3-D facial reconstructions, and postmortem sketches of unidentified crime victims.

Discussion and reception will follow.