Finance & Scholarship Information

Finance & Scholarship Information

We highly encourage students to apply for all scholarships they qualify for. To review a more extensive list of scholarship opportunities, please visit the One Stop’s scholarship page by following the link below.

Additionally, be sure to utilize the Scholarship Resources tab, which includes useful information for scholarships offered through Kent State and outside organizations. Please follow the link below to review the Scholarship Resources page.

Some of the academic departments/schools within the College of Arts & Sciences also offer scholarships specific to students majoring within their program. Please follow the link below to view the list of departments and contact information. Be sure to connect with your major’s department for further scholarship information and to apply.

General Finance FAQs

What does it mean to be a full-time student?

Full-time students are enrolled in 12-18 credit hours for summer, fall or spring semester.

I’m thinking of withdrawing from a course, what should I do?

Talk with an advisor! You will want to discuss the implications for your degree progress with an advisor, and then meet with a counselor in the One Stop for Student Services if your enrollment status changes by withdrawing. There could be an impact on your financial aid and/or scholarships.

My FAFSA says I qualify for work-study, what does that mean?

Work-study is a federal program that provides funding for part-time jobs for undergraduate and graduate students. If you are eligible for work-study, you still need to apply for and get hired at your specific work-study job the same way you would with any job. Work-study jobs can be found in Handshake!

Is there a bank on campus?

Yes - we have our very own branch of PNC Bank located in the Kent Campus Student Center!

Are payment plans available?

Yes - talk to a counselor in the One Stop for Student Services for more information!

What should I do if I cannot afford my bill after financial aid?
Look at scholarships (above). Also, talk to the One Stop for Student Services about other options.
Can I use financial aid to study abroad?

Yes - talk with the Education Abroad office for more information.