Letters of Recommendation

You should have 3-6 individual letters of recommendation sent by mail or email to the address provided in the application. Give a completed and signed 'PMC Recommendation Letter Request Form' to each individual you are soliciting a letter. All letters should be addressed 'To The Admissions Committee' (not the Pre-Medicine Committee), signed and on letterhead paper.

Letter writers should be professional, non-related individuals who best know your attributes to become a medical doctor. It's strongly recommended that letters come from 1-2 science faculty (biology, chemistry, physics, or mathematics), 1-2 from allopathic and/or osteopathic physicians, and potentially an additional letter from a social science or humanities faculty, research mentor, employer, volunteer coordinator, coach, medical professional, etc.

As a benefit of participating in the Pre-Medicine Committee review process, you may elect to have your letters then uploaded to AMCAS (AAMC) as a "Letter Packet." More information will be provided after you submit your application and closer to the AMCAS application opening day. This option is not available for AACOMAS (AACOM), as this service does not support a letter packet format. You should advise your letter writers accordingly.