Research Incentive Awards

College of Arts and Sciences announces the Research Incentive Awards for Spring 2012.

The College of Arts and Sciences is pleased to announce Research Incentive awards for Spring 2012.


Innovation Research Seed Awards:

  • Local Translation of Dscam in Axon Growth and Guidance (Kristy Welshhans, Department of Biological Sciences)
  • High Throughput Microfluidic Method for Measuring Cell Stiffness (Chanjoong Kim, Chemical Physics Interdisciplinary Program and Gail Fraizer, Department of Biological Sciences)
  • Dissociable Neural Markers of Anxious Depression (David Fresco, Department of Psychology)
  • Development of Vitamin B12 - Quantum Dot Conjugates as Probes for Studying Intracellular Vitamin B12 Uptake Mechanisms, Storage and Transport (Nicola Brasch, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry) 

Collaborative Research Incentive Awards:

  • Novel Radiation Detectors for National Security  (Brett Ellman and Samuel Sprunt, Department of Physics; Robert Twieg, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry)
  • Examining LGBTQ Neighborhoods (Molly Merryman and David Purcell, Department of Sociology; Cara Gilgenbach, University Libraries) 
  • Copper Depletion as a Unique Anti-angiogenesis Strategy for Metastatic Cancer Therapy (Songping Huang, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry and Gail Fraizer, Department of Biological Sciences)
  • Biodegradable Side Chain Liquid Crystal Elastomers: Smart Responsive Scaffolds for Stem Cell Differentiation (Elda Hegmann and Torsten Hegmann, Liquid Crystal Institute) 
  • Biochemical Analysis of Multiple Sclerosis Cortex (Jennifer McDonough, Department of Biological Sciences and Nicola Brasch, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry)

Research Resources & Tools Awards:

  • Repair and Maintenance of Multiuser Agilent HPLC Instrument (Nicola Brasch, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry)
  • Enhancement of Mass Spectrometry Facilities (Roger Gregory, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry)
  • Seeking Cure & Comfort: How Race Shapes Patient Use of Palliative Care in Hospitals (Clare Stacey and Manacy Pai, Department of Sociology)
  • Scanner and Database for Translation Examinations (Geoffrey Koby, Department of Modern & Classical Language Studies)
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