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Kent State University seeks to provide its students with the best possible preparation for a rewarding career in health care. The information here is designed to help students understand the many career paths available and the steps to take to be prepared for admission.


There are a number of ways to become involved in the growing field of healthcare. If you are uncertain of what area you would like to work in, The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists many job titles along with the basic job requirements, required education, and medial salary.

Honestly assess what you would like to accomplish in your professional life should you enter the healthcare field. Also, consider your strengths and interests. Do you want to:

  • Provide direct care to patients?
  • Work in a laboratory setting?
  • Provide health and wellness education?
  • Begin working with a bachelor’s degree? Or, are you willing to continue your education for a master’s or doctoral degree?

It is very important take the time to research the realities of healthcare career options in order to select the one that is the best fit for you. Considering the breadth of job titles, you are bound to find a job that complements your personal interests and abilities.



For the vast majority of pre-health program applications, a certain amount of shadowing experience will be required. The number of hours varies from program to program; be sure to understand how many hours are necessary and complete them over a series of months or even years. Try to gain experience shadowing several different professionals working in a variety of fields. This will give you a good sense of the different types of medicine, approaches to patient care, and how offices and organizations of different size operate. Through your commitment to gaining significant shadowing experience you are demonstrating your dedication to the profession and increasing your understanding of the realities of the job. Finding a health care professional to shadow will require initiative on your part. Consider:

  • Asking your/your family health care professionals if you may shadow him or her, or ask if he or she could recommend someone?
  • Speaking with other pre-health students, advisors, friends, and family members for recommendations.
  • Volunteering in an office or clinic to become familiar with the health care professionals before asking if you may shadow.    

Several student organizations of interest to pre-health students can be found here.


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Baccalaureate/M.D. Pathway Information Session will be Tuesday, November 28th from 3:45pm to 5:00pm in room 190 of the Integrated Sciences Building.