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This course will focus on providing you an opportunity to research an area of interest related to your major in a foreign country, India, well known for its arts and sciences. Though the framework of this course will be - “How does one define successful literacy practices in global – digital world, and how do people in India use their own individualized practices to sustain and survive in this global economy?” - you will still have to articulate your own particular interest or point of research in terms of gaining a global perspective before venturing on this journey. The chosen research topic will be the pivotal piece that will allow you to explore, experience and evaluate many sites, locations and local communities; thereby, providing you with the primary and secondary data for writing your final report during and on your return from India.

Your chosen topic could range from Astronomy to Zoology and your research question could be:

  • What role does English have as a language have in terms of global communication?
  • How do people of different religion co-exist in this sub-continent?
  • Why is spice such an integral part of the Indian food?
  • Why has India been attacked by so many foreign rulers but has never gone to war with any one of them?
  • How does Hinduism believe in non-violence? How do people in the fashion industry recycle used clothing?
  • What type of marketing is involved to promote solar panels and why?
  • How does the concept of sustainability work in a country with one billion people?
  • Why is India leading in some aspects of digital technology?
  • Why do Indians seek alternative medicine?

Perspectives on India: Developing Cross-Cultural Understanding Based on Exploring, Learning, and Reflecting

1 Credit Hour  

Program Dates: March 25 -March 31, 2018
Professor: Dr. Uma Krishnan

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Dr. Uma Krishnan |
Professor, Department of English

Alyssa Mazey, M.Ed. l
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