Program Spotlight: Ecuador and Galapagos Islands

Next summer, Golden Flashes will have the unique opportunity to study in one of the most beautiful and biodiverse areas in the western hemisphere: Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands. In an exciting new program led by Dr. Kay Amey of the Geography Department (Ashtabula) and chaperoned by Jacqueline Gee of the American Sign Language program (Kent), students from all campuses will be able to explore their personal and academic interests in a culturally and biologically rich environment.

This immersive education abroad program will allow students to appreciate the natural history and diverse cultures present on the Ecuadorian mainland and the Galápagos Islands, the site of some of the most prominent evolutionary research by Charles Darwin. Activities include exploring the history of the nation's capital (Quito), studying the diverse natural environments of the mainland and island (mountains, Amazonian rainforests, & animal and ecological reserves are all possible locations), and encountering Ecuadorian cultures first-hand.

This 3 week program will take place next summer, from June 12-July 2, and will include 3 geography credits. The program fee is an estimated $9,504 (in-state) with scholarships and financial aid applying. The Office of International Programs and Education Abroad will be holding events throughout the year that offer scholarships eligible for this program. Students from all personal and academic backgrounds are encouraged to apply!

Program Details


Dr. Katherine (Kay) Amey
Assistant Professor | 440-964-4533