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The Iberian Peninsula is an area with a fascinating modern history of shifting boundaries, internal colonialism, nationalist movements, and authoritarianism.

In this course, we will be studying and experiencing first-hand the national cultures and landscapes of Spain and Portugal. Much more than two countries, Spain and Portugal encompass several distinct regions, some of which are considered nations themselves. In an area about the size of Texas, we will encounter five distinct languages, cultures, histories, and landscapes..

We will be traveling from Lisbon in southern Portugal to the northern Porto region, into Spain through Galicia, on to Basque Country, and finally Catalonia. These regional differences are tied to different national identities that are felt and expressed in each place. We will be using our field experiences to ponder how history has shaped the landscape, the variety of cultures found throughout the Iberian Peninsula, contemporary developments, and what these mean for the future of Spain and Portugal.

Scholarships are available for this program from the Department of Geography. 

SPAIN/Portugal: Historic Nations of the Iberian Peninsula

1 or 3 Credit Hours  

Program Dates: May 14 - May 30, 2018
Professors: David Kaplan & Kathryn Hannum

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In-State $456/$1,368.00
Out-of State $818/$2,454.00


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In-State $4,956.17/$5,868.17
Out-of-State $5,318.17/$6,954.17


Program Fee Includes: Airfare, Accommodations, In-Country Transportation, Museum Entrance and other Activity fees, and some Meals
*Estimated Personal Cost (Not Included): Passport ($135), some Meals ($350), Souvenir Shopping, Free Time Activities, etc.
**Final program fee subject to change; Updated August 1, 2017.


Application deadline: January 26, 2018
Non-Refundable Deposit: February 16, 2018 | $250.00
First payment due: March 9, 2018 | $2095.08
Second payment due: April 13, 2018 | $2095.09

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Contact Information

David Kaplan |
Professor, Department of Geography

Kathryn Hannum | 
Grad Appointee, Department of Geography

Alyssa Mazey, M.Ed. l
Assistant Director of International Programs and Education Abroad