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Students must choose one community to apply for.  The following four options are available:

Environment and Sustainability:  This community provides a home for students who are concerned about the natural environment and want to make a difference both locally and globally. Students will learn about how humans affect the environment through food, water, development, and energy use, and they will help make our city, campus, and region a more sustainable place.
Ida B. Wells/Atonkwa Village:  This community will explore issues of relevance to the African American, Latino American and Native American communities. It will focus on key values that help students gain a life-long sense of purpose; such learning may move students to action as a result of their engagement. Students will participate in a Rites of Passage experience.
Medical Scholars:  The Medical Scholar Community will focus on the needs and criteria of applying to a professional school (medical, podiatry, veterinary, osteopathy, dental, etc.).  Students will have access to meet NEOMED faculty and staff and receive information regarding the different professional preparation programs.  Students will also learn about shadowing, community service, and leadership opportunities at Kent State University and within the community, as well as receive guidance with applications, (e.g. personal statements), etc.
Scholars and Change Makers:  The Scholars and Change-Makers Community is for students who want to make a difference in their local, regional, or global communities. Programs and speakers will focus on contemporary issues and their political, socio-economic, and legal contexts. Students will explore their own connections with broader social and political trends, as well as their own agency—their ability to affect issues of interest to them.

Requirements for students in all communities:

  • Strong high school GPA and ACT/SAT scores
  • Two-year commitment to the community during which time you will reside in Wright Hall
  • Students applying for the Medical Scholars community must be working toward a pre-health field, which can include medicine, dental, podiatry, veterinary, osteopathy, physician assistant, medical technology, or biotechnology.
  • All students will take two common courses in the fall semester and one in the spring. During the fall semester each community with have its own section of UC 10097: First Year Experience as one of the two courses. The other courses will be:


  Fall 2018 Spring 2019
Environment and Sustainability GEOG 22070: Nature and Society GEOL 21062: Environmental Earth Science
Ida B. Wells/Atonkwa Village PAS 23001: Black Experience I PAS 23002: Black Experience II
Medical Scholars BSCI 10120: Biological Foundations PHIL 21001: Introduction to Ethics
Scholars and Change Makers POL 10500: World Politics POL 10504: The New Pangaea

Thank you for your interest in the Arts and Sciences LLC.  Please speak with your Advisor at DKS.

If you have any questions please contact Ed Butch at

What is a learning community?

Learning communities provide students with an opportunity to study, live, and network with peers who share their interests. Students in the CAS Learning Community live in Wright Hall, have access to common areas for studying and other events, benefit from events planned specifically around their interests and goals, and from exceptions advising and mentoring.  Students also take at least one course as a cohort each of their first two semesters at Kent, providing them with a ready community for discussions, studying, and sharing of ideas. 

Why should I participate?

Students living and learning in these communities begin their college career with a network of smart, engaged, and motivated learners. Building friendships with peers who share interests, who may have similar career objectives, and who are at the same stage of course work, provides a network unparalleled in the college experience. We have found that students in learning communities are often also members in other student organizations and active participants in the life of the Kent State community.

What are the benefits of joining a community?

  • Community-based events, including career-oriented sessions
  • Common courses 
  • Residing together in Wright Hall