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I would like to thank the College of EHHS for sharing the resources they developed and the online training series to assist with AMS. To take full advantage of the training series, please follow the below steps:

>> STEP #1Request an AMS Account

For programs within the College of Applied and Technical Studies, request your AMS account by contacting Please respond to all questions within preset email.

>> STEP #2Download the Reporting Template

Fill out the above Template for Reporting in AMS. The purpose of this template is to guide you through the data input process. For your reference, here is a Completed Template Example for 2016-2017 Reporting.

>> STEP #3Watch Part I: Annual Assessment Reporting in AMS

Once you have obtained an AMS account and filled out the Template for Reporting in AMS, then please watch Part I of the training video series: Annual Assessment Reporting in AMSThis video, which is approximately 14 minutes in length, covers how to sign into AMS and input the assessment report (i.e., mission statement, learning outcomes, measures, and findings).


If applicable...
>> STEP #4Click Here to Watch Part II: Adding an Action Plan & Status Report

If you have one or more unmet measures, then you will also need to watch Part II of the training video series: Adding an Action Plan and a Status Report into AMSThis video, which is approximately 10 minutes in length, covers how to sign into AMS and setup an action plan and a status report.

Finally, if you would prefer to use a step-by-step guide rather than watch the videos, then please download the Guide for Annual Assessment Reporting in AMS [PowerPoint]. This guide covers the same input procedures demonstrated in Part I and II of the training video series.