Current CAC members

2019-2020 College of Applied & Technical Studies

CAC (College Advisory Committee)

Membership: The CAC will consist of three tenured or tenure-track (TT) and one non-tenure track (NTT) faculty member from the Applied Business division; three TT and one NTT faculty from the Health Professions division; and three TT and one NTT from the Engineering Technology and Professional Studies division.  Elections:  CAC elections will be held by all full-time faculty within each Academic Division at the spring semester assembly for the upcoming year (fall, spring, and summer semesters).  

Text from:   College of Applied & Technical Studies Faculty Handbook

Applied Business:

1. TT      Daryl Upole (NTT)             

2. TT      Will Ward          

3. TT      Bob (Robert) Antenucci               

4. NTT   Carolyn Carvalho

Health Professions:

1. TT      Lora Morris       

2. TT      Ann (Frances) Freitas     

3. TT      Mariann Harding

4. NTT   Julia Schnurrenberger

Engineering Technology and Professional Studies:

1. TT      Chitra Rajagopal             

2. TT      Dariush Rezaei

3. TT      Tsunghui Tu

4. NTT   Lisa Brindley