Current CCC members

2019-2020 College of Applied & Technical Studies

Curriculum Committee (CCC)

Membership:      The voting membership will be comprised of three tenured or tenure-track (TT) and one non-tenure track (NTT) faculty member from the Applied Business division; three TT and one NTT from the Health Professions division; and two TT and one NTT from the Engineering Technology and Professional Studies division. The TT faculty shall constitute the majority of the membership of the CCC. 

Text from College of Applied & Technical Studies Handbook

Applied Business:

1. TT      Sue Hoffman 

2. TT      Joe Muscatello

3. TT      Daryl Upole (NTT) 

4. NTT   Shelley Marshall

Health Professions:

1. TT      Tamara Courey

2. TT      Stacy Rose

3. TT      Denise McEnroe-Petitte

4. NTT    Rebecca Rempe

Engineering Technology and Professional Studies:

1.  TT      Chitra Rajagopal

2.  TT      Dhruba Panthi

3.  NTT    Kingsly Berlin