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Schools and Programs

Our job is to educate students to meet their specific goals as well as the needs of society. Education at the undergraduate and graduate levels promotes the development and application of theoretical foundations and creative experiences through interaction with a dedicated faculty of scholars and professionals.

Within the disciplines represented in the College of Communication and Information, students are served by course offerings and other instructional and scholarly opportunities that provide broad educational perspectives and intensive training in professional areas.

With its five schools - Communication Studies, Digital Sciences, Information, Journalism and Mass Communication and Visual Communication Design – the College of Communication and Information has consistently delivered high-quality education that responds to the needs of a dynamic information market since its formation in 2002.

CCI Schools and Specialized Programs

The College of Communication and Information offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate academic programs within the four schools. For detailed information, students should contact individual schools.

School of Communication Studies (COMM): The School of Communication Studies trains students to develop the knowledge and research skills in communication that will enable them to function effectively in interpersonal, group, organizational and societal settings. Learn more about COMM.

School of Digital Sciences (DSCI): The School of Digital Sciences is a cutting-edge interdisciplinary school designed to train tomorrow's digital leaders. Learn more about DSCI.

School of Journalism and Mass Communication (JMC): The School of Journalism and Mass Communication provides professional programs in journalism, advertising, public relations, electronic media production and media management within the liberal arts tradition. Learn more about JMC.

School of Information (iSchool): The School Information offers graduate education to those preparing for positions of leadership in librarianship and the information professions. Learn more about the iSchool.

School of Visual Communication Design (VCD): The School of Visual Communication Design provides professional education that combines liberal education, knowledge of design and art history, and development of graphic design and illustration skills in print and electronic media. Learn more about VCD.

The evolution of communication technologies and digital information systems has narrowed historic differences among the academic disciplines within the field of communication. The Ph.D. program in the College of Communication and Information provides a unified structure that promotes research, teaching and application of the scientific, humanistic, psycho-social and visual communication principles of communication and information in the digital age.

IdeaBase is a Kent State student-powered design agency located in downtown Kent, Ohio. IdeaBase bridges the gap between classroom and career by bringing together top-performing Kent State students to tackle real-world client problems. The team represents a variety of backgrounds, including visual communication design, public relations, advertising, computer information systems, digital sciences, marketing and communication studies students.

Glyphix Studio is an award-winning creative and collaborative design experience supported by the School of Visual Communication Design, located in downtown Kent. Student designers explore ideas in a range of media and implement them as creative solutions to client problems and beyond.

TeleProductions is a full-service video production facility that can fulfill any video need on location or in one of its large broadcast television studios or digital post-production editing suites. From custom graphics and animations to satellite uplink/production, TeleProductions delivers Emmy award-winning documentaries, interview programs, news magazines and a variety of children and adult education series. Plus, they do it all with Kent State students who they guide every step of the way.