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The CCI Commons is an on-campus residential college open to all majors and pre-majors within CCI. This unique learning community is academically based and designed to provide students with the tools and support necessary to become successful in their college and professional careers.

The CCI Commons is the central hub for activities and information related to CCIKent. Students will live with others who are studying the same major or similar fields of interest, allowing an open exchange of ideas and experiences that go beyond the classroom.

Weekly programs offer students a peek into various career possibilities and current practices in the broad field of communications.

While each student's experience within the CCI Commons will be unique, below are some of the ways students can benefit academically, professionally and socially.

Academic Benefits

  • Connections with other students who share academic and professional interests.
  • Residence hall location close to CCI advising office and classrooms for major courses.
  • Academic advising within the residence hall.
  • Visits to businesses and studios.
  • Study sessions and academic advice for core classes.
  • Mentor Groups made up of students of varying class rank.
  • Information about CCI posted within the residence hall.
  • Opportunities to work on collaborative projects with fellow students and faculty.
  • Computer lab and studio space available 24/7 in the residence hall.
  • A program coordinator within the residence hall who will plan programs and assist students with questions regarding the CCI Commons and CCI.
  • Programs designed to benefit students from their freshman year through graduation.

Professional Benefits

  • Career advising opportunities within the residence hall.
  • Weekly programs, including guest speakers and movie nights, geared to particular fields of study.
  • Computer software training and workshops to develop new skills and to stay competitive.
  • Professional contacts for future internships and job possibilities.
  • Opportunities to build lifelong friendships and professional bonds.

Social Benefits

  • Contests and social events.
  • A student governing body which plans programming and other activities.
  • Collaborative programs with student organizations.
  • A listserv to receive daily news about the CCI Commons and to stay connected to fellow students.
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If you are interested in joining the CCI Commons or would like more information, contact Marianne Warzinski at 330-672-4467 or e-mailĀ