CCI Handbook

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The College is governed by the University Policy Register, the Collective Bargaining Agreement, and other approved University policies and guidelines. The reader is referred to those documents as the primary source of governance policies. Similarly, individual School Handbooks should be consulted for the procedures and governance issues more properly in their purview.

I.    Mission of the College

The mission of the College of Communication and Information is to educate students to meet their specific goals as well as the needs of society.  Education at the undergraduate and graduate levels promotes the development and application of theoretical foundations and creative experiences through interaction with a dedicated faculty of scholars and professionals. Within the disciplines represented in the College, students are served by course offerings and other instructional and scholarly opportunities that provide broad educational perspectives and intensive training in professional areas.

II.    Goals of the College

  • To provide the highest quality education for students in a liberal arts setting through faculty excellence in teaching, research, creative and professional activity;
  • To provide opportunities for faculty and students to serve the state of Ohio and the global community through a variety of professional outreach programs;
  • To prepare students for entry into a profession or for specialized graduate education;
  • To provide continuing education for practitioners and the public;
  • To conduct research and to support the continuing development of research skills among faculty and students;
  • To advance knowledge and to enhance the quality of life through faculty and student research, creative and professional activity, and service;
  • To promote interdisciplinary approaches to teaching, scholarship, creative and professional activity, and university and community service.

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