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For a complete list of Points of Pride from recent academic years, see the following:
2011-2012 Points of Pride Report
2012-2013 Points of Pride Report
2013-2014 Points of Pride Report
2014-2015 Points of Pride Report
2015-2016 Points of Pride Report

JUNE 2017 

JMC Professional-in-Residence Connie Schultz spoke on Eric Trump's comments in defending his father, Donald Trump. See coverage by The News Harold and

Library and Information Science alumni Chris May was promoted to Director/Fiscal Officer of the Mansfield/Richland County Public Library. Read more

iSchool students, Enrique Caboverde and Natalie Jamiola-Wilson, received the 2017-2018 ALA Spectrum Scholarship. Read more.

JMC student Emelia Sherin is producing a play she wrote about the heroin epidemic called Independent: The Heroin Project. See coverage from WYTV and ABC6.

MAY 2017 

JMC Assistant Professor Chance York, Ph.D., studied how both environmental and genetic factors can affect social media use. Read more coverage by All Daily News, Science Daily, Stockhouse, Kent State University and Moneyish. 

JMC Emeritus Professor Fred Endres is creating a documentary titled Takin' the Cure alongside his wife. Read more. 

The director of the school of Library and Information Science Kendra Albright was the keynote speaker at a workshop teaching librarians how to help patrons suffering from drug addiction, homelessness or mental illness. Read more.

JMC Professional-in-Residence Connie Schultz spoke on the Jordan Edwards case. See coverage by, Dallas News and The Jackson Sun.

JMC Professional-in-Residence Connie Schultz spoke on political issues involving Russia. Read more.

JMC Professional-in-Residence Connie Schultz spoke on protests happening in the southern United States. See coverage by, The Daily News and

JMC Professional-in-Residence Connie Schultz spoke on the Notre Dame students walking out of their graduation ceremony. See coverage by, The Dispatch, The News and Advance and The Daily News.

Ford's new learning community for Akron Public Schools offers experiential learning opportunities within two CCI schools. See coverage by, Akron Beacon Journal, WKSU and

Journalism alumna, Angela Bachman, was promoted to Vice President of Client Operations at AKHIA. Read more.

Senior broadcast journalism major, Paige Katrinchak, was awarded the Marge McNab Block Scholarship. Read more.

JMC Professional-in-Residence Connie Schultz spoke on the Tamir Rice case. See coverage from and The Daily News.

APRIL 2017 

Coordinator for the Office of Academic Diversity Outreach Amanda Leu and JMC student Charleah Trombitas spoke on CCI's Diversity Week and the 'wall of oppression' built for it. Read more.

COMM student Torrie Sweeney was pictured in Kent Wired's article 'Solving the Hunger Issue' for her volunteering efforts at Campus Kitchen. See more.

JMC students James Naples and Nathan Shively are in the pre-production phase for their feature-length film Fly By Night. Read more.

JMC Professional-in-Residence Connie Schultz spoke on millennials and their education levels. See coverage by, The Dispatch and The Express.

CCI graduate student Cara Bolley received the $1,500 H.W. Wilson Scholarship Fund Awards from SLIS. Read more.

COMM student Anthony Tutolo was recognized for being one of the 2016-17 MAC Wrestling Distinguished Scholar Athletes.

JMC Professional-in-Residence Connie Schultz spoke on sexual harassment and assault in her article for The News Herald. JMC student Erin Zaranec was also mentioned.

COMM Assistant Professor Patrick Dillon, Ph.D., of the Stark campus, was interviewed on his research regarding African-Americans resisting hospice care. Read more.

JMC Associate Lecturer and Undergraduate Studies Coordinator Tim Robers and JMC student Brenna Parker spoke on controversial tweets about FlashFest. Read more.

CCI graduate student Julaine Clunis received the August Alpers Award from SLIS. Read more.

JMC Associate Professor Danielle Coombs, Ph.D., spoke at The International Conference on "Digital Communication in the Age of Social Transformations" April 16. Read more.

JMC Assistant Professor Stefanie Moore was interviewed on Facebook's Live feature and how it should be reconsidered after a murder being shown on it. Read more coverage by the Times Reporter and Record-Courier. 

JMC Professional-in-Residence Connie Schultz's piece on the White House's press secretary Sean Spicer was published on The Daily News.

CCI Office of Academic Diversity Outreach coordinator Amanda Leu and JMC Lecturer Traci Williams, were two of four panelists for a JMC discussion on breaking diversity barriers. Read more.

COMM Assistant Professor Suzy D'Enbeau spoke alongside other Kent State professors on free speech and how situations in Egypt are relevant to United States citizens. Read more.

COMM student Anthony Tutolo attended the Walk a Mile in Their Shoes event and spoke on the importance of raising awareness for sexual assault. Read more.

COMM Program Coordinator and Associate Professor Erin Hollenbaugh, Ph.D., will give a faculty lecture April 27 on self-disclosure and privacy in social media. Read more.

JMC student Charleah Trombitas has been selected for the $5,000 Russ Pry scholarship through the Akron Press Club. Read more.

JMC Associate Professor Jan Leach, JMC Associate Professor and Director of Kent State's Media Law Center for Ethics and Access Rekha Sharma and COMM Assistant Professor Michael Hawkins were panelists for the "Fighting Fake News" panel. Read more. 

March 2017

JMC Director Thor Wasbotten and Assistant Professor Stephanie Smith were interviewed by Kent Wired on the new course "Music, Movements and Media: Rolling Stone @ 50," beginning in Fall 2017. Associate Professor Jacqueline Marino was also mentioned for a possible guest lecture. Read more.

The School of Library Information and Science was recognized for its affiliated support with the Institute of Museum on ILEAD Grants. Read more. 

COMM students Nicholas Peters, Kevin Cline and Tyler Niederriter ran for the 2017-18 USG Ballot.

COMM students Brooke Davis and Delaney Cordova spoke on the International Justice Mission's movement to raise awareness of human trafficking across the globe. Read more.

COMM student Kyle Dunn spoke on the PRIDE! Kent's annual drag show. Read more.

JMC student Erin Zaranec wrote an opinion piece on sexual assault and her experience. Read more.

COMM student Jacqueline Cunningham spoke on being a part of the Kent State tennis organization. Read more.

VCD students Leah Thompson and Vanessa Allen spoke on the decline of campus alcohol-related incidents. Read more.

COMM student Joaquin Cuatepitzi weighed on Residence Services proposing to add a laundry fee to tuition. Read more.

COMM student David McCall spoke on his spring break plans in an article by Kent Wired.

JMC student Julian Kozmon was featured in The Kent Stater for drawing a wall-sized mural at the Kentchella Festival.

COMM student Michael Gallagher was recognized for his contributions to the 13th Annual Rock the Runway fashion show by Kent Wired. 

COMM student Abigail Bucy spoke on how she felt empowered from Erin Schrode speaking to students on March 2. Read more.

DSCI part-time faculty member Robert Eckman received an Outstanding Teaching Award. The School of Digital Sciences will join the College of Communication and Information as its fifth school beginning July 1, 2017. Read more.

JMC student Aaron Self spoke on his summer internship in Zimbabwe supported through the Wallace J. Hagedorn Photojournalism Scholarship. Read more.

Associate Professor Jan Leach moderated and Director of JMC Thor Wasbotten was one of the panelists for the discussion after the screening of the film "Spotlight" during the Media at the Movies event March 7. Read more.

February 2017 

The School of Communication Studies is continuing its 2017 Colloquium Series March 3. Read more.

DSCI student Mason Nicol shared safety tips to off-campus living. The School of Digital Sciences will join the College of Communication and Information as its fifth school beginning July 1, 2017. Read more.

CCI students Daniel Socha and Will Scharlott, Assistant Professors Aaron Bacue and Marianne Martens, Ph.D., and Coordinator for the Office of Academic Diversity Outreach Amanda Leu all spoke at the TEDx event Feb. 18. Read more.

VCD student Eryn Willoughby was a panelist for a National Eating Disorders Awareness Week discussion. Read more.

Assistant Professor Marianne Martens, Ph.D., spoke on her preparation for her presentation at TEDx Feb. 18. Read more.

VCD student Lacy Talley spoke on how her designs have been seen across campus. Read more.

COMM student JaLynn Hairston spoke on The Division of Student Affairs' hosting open forums. Read more.

JMC student Matthew Wolf was interviewed on Governor Kasich's proposal for a tuition freeze extension. Read more.

COMM Assistant Professors Gretchen Dworznik and Rekha Sharma will share broadcast journalism's use of social media on March 3 to continue the colloquium speaker series. COMM Associate Professor at Kent State Stark Erin Hollenbaugh, Ph.D., will present privacy management on social media websites on April 14. Read more. 

JMC student Ben Orner was quoted in after sharing the news with Janet Esposito that she was chosen as the campaign chair for Portage County for Josh Mandel's Senate campaign. 

CCI Assistant Professor and Director of Global Initiatives Stephanie Smith responded to the Office of Global Education's new "First Experience Abroad and Diversity Abroad" scholarship. Read more.

CCI Dean Amy Reynolds, Ph.D., CCI Interactive Designer and Developer Christopher Hallahan and Ideabase were quoted in KentWired for the design firm's incorporation of virtual reality equipment and how the technology will be incorporated into courses.

JMC Professional-in-residence Connie Schultz spoke on the discussion she had with women of the Sisterhood at B'nai Jeshurun Congregation in Cleveland. Read more.

SLIS Assistant Professor Marianne Martens, Ph.D., was interviewed on her TEDx presentation she will give Feb. 18. Read more.

CCI Assistant Professor and Director of Global Initiatives Stephanie Smith and CCI Dean Amy Reynolds, Ph.D., spoke on the launch of the college's new global initiatives brand. Read more. 

CCI Assistant Professor and Director of Global Initiatives Stephanie Smith and COMM student Morgan Franz interviewed on the "Love Notes Service Learning Project," designed to promote diversity and inclusion. Read more.

JMC students Eric Hoover, Chris Charek and Zachary Blanner shared mixed reactions to the new Nintendo console. Read more.

JMC student Hannah Sheridan was interviewed on the Fashion School's annual Fashion Tech Hackathon. Read more.

COMM student Jesse Gettemy spoke on the hope for diversity in the Oscar nominations last month. Read more.

CCI Dean Amy Reynolds, Ph.D., has a new show called "Elevations," which airs on the local NPR affiliate WSKU. Read more.

Students Elizabeth Garlinger, Haley Kashi and Emily Bragg were interviewed by Kent Wired for a project they presented in Assistant Professor James Ponder, Ph.D.'s communication influence course.

JMC student Ava Moss was interviewed on why she attended a protest last month to gather in solidarity against President Donald Trump's Inauguration. Read more.

JMC student Anthony Callahan spoke on the event The Center for Student Involvement planned to watch Superbowl LI. Read more.

JMC student Ashleigh Byrer weighed in on textbook requirements made by professors. Read more.

Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost Todd Diacon was interviewed on how the School of Digital Sciences will join the College of Communication and Information. Read more.

JMC student Lydia Taylor has joined the WKSU team as a news intern. 

COMM Professor and Graduate Coordinator Nichole Egbert, Ph.D., Student Recruitment Specialist Debra Lamm and COMM student Elizabeth Garlinger were interviewed on cancer caregiving by Kent Wired. Egbert spoke on the importance of the topic at the research colloquium series and will present her findings in April at a conference in Washington, D.C.

January 2017

JMC Professional-in-Residence Connie Schultz, Assistant Professor Chance York, Ph.D. and Associate Professor Jacqueline Marino were three of the speakers at the Journalism's Way Forward discussion Jan. 26. Read more. 

JMC Professional-in-Residence Connie Schultz had a piece featured in Marietta Times where she called President Donald Trump a chronic, unapologetic liar. Read more.

SLIS Professor and Health Informatics Concentration Coordinator Christine Hudak, Ph.D., spoke about her work on the fourth edition of the HIMSS HIT Dictionary. Read more.

CCI Assistant Professor Jihyun Kim, Ph.D., spoke on how lashing out on social media can harm a celebrities' image. Read more.

SLIS Assistant Professor Emad Khazraee, an Iranian immigrant and CCI Dean Amy Reynolds, Ph.D., spoke on President Trump's travel ban executive order. Read more.

JMC Emeritus Professor Timothy Smith was interviewed on releasing the Interstate Mutual Aid Request for Assistance form regarding the Standing Rock protest. Read more.

JMC Professional in Residence Connie Schultz wrote an opinion piece responding to a tweet from Presidential Elect Donald Trump on the new year. Read more. 

JMC Assistant Professor Susan Zake is to speak on January 8 on the documentary film project "Before the Holocaust: Jews of Tetiev." Read more. 

ProgressiveOhio named JMC Professional in Residence Connie Schultz a 2016 Progressive Hero. She will be honored on January 13. Read more.

The Daily News and Post Journal shared JMC Professional in Residence Connie Schultz's words for the topic of celebrating in the brink of a new year. 

December 2016

JMC Associate Professor Jan Leach was interviewed on whether there is a need to start teaching media literacy at a college level. Read more.

The Kent State University Main Library will digitalize 72,000 items regarding May 4 thanks to a $119,443 grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission. Read more.

COMM graduate student Meghan Caprez produced a Public Relations Student Society of America IQ quiz on national facts and figures.

JMC Professional in Residence Connie Schultz produced a guest column for The Union Democrat about feeling despair going into the holiday season post-election.

The News & Advance, the Lawrence Journal-World and The Union Democrat all shared JMC Professional in Residence Connie Schultz's words on the First Amendment, the five constitutional rights laid out within it and how America has interrupted both. 

The Daily News, Times-Republican and The News Herald all shared JMC Professional in Residence Connie Schultz's words on the idea of giving the gift of news, a print or digital subscription, to friends and loved ones during the holiday season.

JMC Professional in Residence Connie Schultz wrote a column following the news of Ohio Governor John Kasich vetoing the 'heartbeat bill.' Read more on The Daily News and Post-Journal. 

CCI Professors Gary Hanson, Paul Haridakis and Mei-Chen Lin wrote a publication on the role of political history and media selection during the 2012 presidential campaign. Read more.

JMC student Marissa Rombach was interviewed on her response to The Ohio State University attack in November. Read more.

UCM senior graphic designer Melissa Olson was featured in The Kent Stater responding to the return of the show Gilmore Girls and her blog Gilmore Girls Soundtrack.

JMC students Karen Issacs and Julia Homberg were interviewed by the Record-Courier for dressing up in costumes for the Hillary Clinton support rally in October.

JMC student Natalie Eusebio spoke on the importance of using meal plan money to purchase personal care items. Read more.

JMC Associate Professor Jan Leach was interviewed on the importance of students being taught about media literacy in Crain's Cleveland Business. 

The Kent Stater was mentioned for its editorial piece of the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Read more.

JMC Associate Professor Jan Leach spoke on the Press Club of Cleveland's "Media and the 2016 Presidential Election: A Changing Role in the Year of Change" on December 1. To review the conversation on Twitter, use #prssaclubcle. 


CCI Coordinator of Academic Diversity Outreach Amanda Leu was interviewed on her new position by Kent Wired. 

JMC Assistant Professor Stephanie Smith was mentioned in The Kent Stater for moderating the panel discussion "The Effects of Heroin: A JMC Conversation" on October 20.

COMM Advisor and Associate Professor Rozell Duncan passed away in August. Read more.

JMC student Jessica Darling created a Storify for the Poynter KSU Media Ethics Workshop in September. 

CCI Associate Dean Danielle Coombs, Ph.D., recapped the first presidential debate, alongside other professionals, for Ideastream. 

JMC student and president of the Kent State College Democrats Hana Barkowitz was quoted on her experience of meeting Hillary Clinton at the Kent State rally on October 31 and the importance of voting. Read more.

CCI Associate Dean Danielle Coombs, Ph.D., was interviewed on what a Presidential Nominee Donald Trump TV Network would mean for the United States. Read more.

October 2016

JMC Director Thor Wasbotten spoke on Paula Williams Madison and her being in town to deliver the Robert G. McGruder Distinguished Guest Lecture. Read more.

JMC Assistant Professor Stefanie Moore was interviewed on coulrophobia, the fear of clowns, and how she incorporated it into class discussions. Read more.

COMM student Diana Gerdes and JMC student Katie Chilson were interviewed on intimidation in the voting polls. Read more.

JMC Adjunct Professor Kenneth Jurek voiced his opinion in the September senate meeting. Read more. 

JMC Associate Professor Jan Leach is one of three recipients of the 2016 Distinguished Teaching Award. Read more.

JMC Associate Professor and PRSSA Kent Advisor Michele Ewing, APR, delivered two presentations at the 2016 Public Relations Society of America International Conference. Read more.

SLIS Assistant Professor Emad Khazraee, Ph.D., presented his research on digitization of manuscripts from the National Archive of Afghanistan to the Librarian of Congress late last month. Read more. 

The Kent Wired reported on That Gay 5k, where the College of Communication and Information donated $1,000 and VCD student Stephen Francis was interviewed.

JMC Adjunct Professor John Kroll was recognized for his photographs in the book titled James A. Garfield: His Life and Legacy. Read more.

JMC student Addie Gall, was quoted in the Akron Beacon Journal about millennials voting at a rally for Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton. 

Akron Beacon Journal reports on the efficiency of local security during the Republican National Convention, an event the College of Communication and Information participated in with the sponsorship of The Purple Tent. 

Kent Patch and reported on the May 4 Visitors Center offering guided tours starting November 1 due to renovations in Taylor Hall that will update classroom space for the School of Communication Studies and the School of Visual Communication Design. 

Associate Professor and PRSSA Kent Advisor Michele Ewing, APR, was acknowledged for national research about leadership development in public relations alongside another fellow of PRSA. Read more.

CCI Associate Dean Danielle Coombs, Ph.D., will be a panel member for the Akron Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) program on the ethics of political campaign strategy and communication October 13. Read more.

September 2016

JMC student and president of College Democrats, Hana Barkowitz, was quoted on how the Blastoff cancellation hurt meeting attendance. Read more.

COMM graduate student Meghan Caprez was interviewed on the Taylor Hall classes being moved due to renovations. Read more.

VCD student Sarah Riedlinger was interviewed on why she chose to sign up for the second Run the World 5K. Read more.

The Akron Beacon Journal named the 33 finalists of the Knight Arts Challenge, one of which was the School of Visual Communication Design. 

COMM graduate student Daniel Socha traveled to Congo to conduct research on the efforts of the non-profit organization Project Kirotshe. The article can be found in the September 14 edition. 

JMC student and president of the Kent State College Democrats Hana Barkowitz was quoted from her opening speech at a rally for Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton. Read more.

Jennifer Kramer, APR, CCI director of public relations and marketing communications, along with 30 others, was named as a recipient of the 10th annual "30 for the Future" award. Read more from and the Akron Beacon Journal.

SLIS Adjunct Instructor John E. Simmons publishes his book Museums: A History with Rowman & Littlefield. 

The School of Visual Communication Design was named one of 33 finalists by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation in the Knight Arts Challenge Akron. Read more.

August 2016

VCD student Joseph Young was quoted in The Kent Stater for his experience studying abroad in Chengdu, China. The article can be found in the August 24 print edition. 

SLIS Assistant Professor Rebecca Meehan, Ph.D., presented a poster titled “Considerations of Health Information Exchange Use for Long Term Care Participation in Accountable Care Organizations” at the American Health and Information Management Association LTPAC Summit, in Reston, Va., in June 2016.

SLIS Assistant Professor Rebecca Meehan, Ph.D., and alumna Julaine Clunis, M.L.I.S. ’16, are coauthors (with J. Kawalec, B. Caldwell, D. Putnam) of a poster titled “EHR Preparedness Among New Podiatric Residents: National Survey of Podiatric Residency Directors,” presented to the American Podiatric Medical Association, in Philadelphia, Pa., in July 2016. 

SLIS Assistant Professor Lala Hajibayova, Ph.D., is lead author (co-author, E.K. Jacob) of an article titled “User-generated tagging vocabularies: An investigation of the levels of abstraction of tags across three resource genres,” published in Information Processing & Management. doi:10.1016/j.ipm.2016.05.005 (Available online, 24 May 2016).

SLIS Assistant Professor Lala Hajibayova, Ph.D., received a fellowship (about $2,000) from the National Science Foundation (NSF), Consortium for the Science of Sociotechnical Systems (CSST), to attend the Summer Research Institute for the Science of Socio-Technical Systems, June 27–July 1, 2016, in Stevenson, Wash.

A presentation by SLIS Assistant Professor Lala Hajibayova, Ph.D., "Participatory Knowledge Representation and Organization Systems" at the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIST) SIG/CR Workshop, received media coverage in the Bulletin of the Association for Information Science and Technology (February/March, 2016).

SLIS Assistant Professor Lala Hajibayova, Ph.D., was elected to serve as a member of the Kent State University Citation and Recognition Committee in 2016-2019 AY.

SLIS Assistant Professor Lala Hajibayova, Ph.D., was invited to become an associate member of the Caucasus Research Resource Centers’ Network of Researchers in Social Sciences (

Professor and Graduate Coordinator for Communication Studies Nichole Egbert, is interviewed about the 1990s novel The 5 Love Languages. Read more.

SLIS Professor Marcia Zeng, Ph.D., received the President's Faculty Excellence Award along with 13 other faculty members. Read more coverage by the Akron Beacon Journal and Kent State's eInside. 

JMC student Mariel Zambelli, a junior journalism major, was featured in Cleveland 19 and Newsnet5 articles confirming Kent State students were safe after a Central Italy earthquake.

JMC alumna Emily Mills, '16 and Jimmy Miller, a senior journalism major, interviewed participants about voting rights with the Carnegie-Knight News21 program. Read more.

Students Taylor Pierce, a public relations major and Melissa Spetich, a public relations minor, will be the 2016-2017 PINK Campus Representatives for Kent State. Read more.

CCI Associate Dean Danielle Coombs, Ph.D., was interviewed about presidential nominee Donald Trump and his visit to the University of Akron. Read more. 

VCD Assistant Professor Aoife Mooney was awarded for her BioRhyme typeface in the STA100 Competition.

JMC Lecturer Gary Harwood and JMC Assistant Professor David Foster were featured for their work on the book Tiger Legacy and its events and signings.  Read more.

July 2016

CCI students were recognized for their roles working with or for the Republican National Convention. Read more. 

Five JMC students were based at WKYC Channel 3's newsroom for both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. Read more.

CCI Associate Dean Danielle Coombs, Ph.D., was interviewed by WKSU, New York South East Post and WOSU Radio about allowing delegates to vote their consciences on the convention floor.

CCI Associate Dean Danielle Coombs, Ph.D., spoke on the importance of elections having more than one core audience. Read more.

JMC student David Williams interviewed Senator Frank LaRose about bipartisanship and civility in politics. Read more. 

JMC Assistant Professor Stephanie Smith and 19 Kent State students participated in a cultural exchange program in Chengdu, China. Read more. 

JMC Professor Mark Goodman, was interviewed about having political activity in the courtroom. Read more. 

CCI Associate Dean Danielle Coombs, Ph.D., was interviewed about the Republican National Convention's Rules Committee. Read more coverage by WOSU Public Media, New York South East Post and the LidTime

June 2016

JMC Lecturer Gary Harwood, Assistant Professor David Foster and alumni Adrianna Bastas, '15, Chelsie Corso, '13, Coty Giannelli, '13, Matthew Hafley, '13, Jenna Watson, '15 and Jessica White, '13, were recognized for their contributions to Tiger Legacy. Read more. 

JMC student Carly Evans, a public relations major, was appointed as the undergraduate student trustee at Kent State University by Governor John Kasich. Read more coverage by Kent State and the Record-Courier.

JMC Professor and expert in media and public records, Mark Goodman, is interviewed about a Sandusky attorney and his work. Read more. 

JMC Associate Professor Danielle Coombs, Ph.D., is interviewed by The Christian Science Monitor and featured in Yahoo! News about Republican nominee Donald Trump revoking press credentials.

JMC Associate Professor Danielle Coombs, Ph.D., is interviewed about Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton becoming the first female presidential candidate. Read more.