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Been There, Felt That

Fantastic classes. Majestic scenery. Wonderful people. Delicious food. Great excursions. So why do you feel out of sorts and out of step with your classmates? Why do you homesick or overwhelmed?

The answer is often summed up in two words: culture shock.

Culture shock is a normal part of studying abroad. It’s not uncommon for students to feel overwhelmed when they study in new and unfamiliar places. Feelings of “culture shock” can happen anywhere, to anyone, at any time. 

So how can you deal with and overcome these feelings? Talking about what you are feeling is important. Kent State faculty, chaperones and peers can offer helpful suggestions or point you toward other resources. But there may be times when you would feel more comfortable talking privately with study abroad alumni – other students or grads who have experienced and overcome culture shock. That’s why we’ve created the Been There, Felt That Program – a private, virtual support program that connects students currently studying abroad with those who have “been there and felt that.” 

If you experience a need, feel free to contact any of the following Been There, Felt That partners: