Florence Orientation

Before you leave and upon arrival in Florence, you'll participate in an orientation designed to help you make the most out of your study abroad experience.

Pre-departure Orientation

  • Takes place here in Kent the semester prior to the one you will spend in Florence.
  • The class meets once per week for eight weeks.
  • The dates were chosen as the most advantageous time to complete all the necessary paperwork and prepare for departure.
Pre-departure course content includes:
  1. Getting to know your cohort (soon to be your family for a semester)
  2. Registering for the courses you’ll take in Florence
  3. Applying for and securing Italian student visas, and completing other necessary paperwork
  4. Visits from a university attorney and a financial aid counselor to discuss legal and financial matters
  5. Visits from alumni of the program to provide advice on planning, packing, food, travel, life in Florence, and everything else you want to know about.

Florence arrival orientation goals

  • Orient yourself to the city of Florence.
  • Develop awareness you need to observe and learn from different cultures.
  • Discover the businesses and organizations in Florence.
  • Access the tools you will need to succeed academically, personally and safely within the policies and responsibilities of the 17-week program.