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Other Recent Destinations

Our CCI faculty-led short courses offer a variety of options that change from year to year. That way you can be sure to find a program that fits your academic plan, your personal goals, and your budget. Some courses may be repeated from year to year, others feature similar content but a different destination and some are once in a lifetime. 

Keep an eye on this page for announcements of new courses. If you're interested in an upcoming course, contact the faculty leader for more information. If you have other questions or wonder if a past course will be repeated, contact Study Abroad Coordinator Sara Sobeh for details.

Spring 2017 CCI Short Courses


Spring 2017, Travel from March 11—24, 2017

International Storytelling

JMC Associate Professor Mitch McKenney; COMM Assistant Professor Suzi D’Enbeau, Ph.D.; and JMC Adjunct Professor Tiffany Alexander

The course will be offered during spring semester 2017, with travel anticipated March 11-24 (spring break and the week before). The class will meet once a week — at 5:30 p.m. Mondays — all semester. We’ll spend the weeks before we leave preparing for the trip, including logistics such as immunizations and travel arrangements, getting to know the culture we will be covering, and determining how each team members will contribute. Your specific deliverable could be a journalistic story, database, photography, communication strategy, public-relations effort — even a message calibrated for storytime at a public library. It will be inclusive of CCI’s variety of majors. These stories should be publishable and may draw a connection with elements of Ghana’s culture and African culture in Northeast Ohio. Once home, we’ll spend the remaining weeks of the semester publishing our finished projects on our project website.



Spring 2017, Travel from March 11—24, 2017

Visual Language: A Form for Experience and Expression

VCD Assistant Professors Christopher Darling and Aoife Mooney

This study abroad will take place over spring break 2017. Both the course and trip will be open to all junior and senior Visual Communication Design majors and minors. The course congruent with this study abroad trip is entitled Visual Language: A Form for Experience and Expression. Through the course and trip abroad students will have the opportunity to earn credit towards graduation, meet with design professionals, network with international students and gain diverse experience and insight in the global design community.



Spring 2017, Travel from March 23—April 1

Bespoke London

CCI Interim Associate Dean Danielle Sarver Coombs Ph.D.

In the heart of London, the finest clothes in the world are hand-tailored with expert precision. Thoughtfully designed and beautifully constructed, bespoke clothing is a life-long investment that can transform a wearer. In this tradition, Bespoke London — a CCI study abroad trip exclusively for graduate students — offers master’s and doctoral students from CCI and the broader university the opportunity to create and define research projects that are truly bespoke: programmatically relevant, theoretically rich, and personally compelling. Through extensive discussions and engagement, we will uncover points of intersection and areas of overlap, weaving a unique and compelling graduate course experience tailored to each student’s program of study. If you are interested, please feel free to email (dcoombs@kent.edu) or call (330-672-8876). You also can find more information on the course website.


london and oxford

Spring 2017, Travel from March 26—April 4, 2017

Museum Origins

SLIS Associate Professor Kiersten F. Latham, Ph.D.

"Museum Origins" examines the birth of the modern museum and its roots in Europe. In the context of today’s world, students will “go back in time” to explore the origins of western museums and the meaning of publicly shared collections by visiting actual sites and collections that played a role in this history. The course is designed specifically to help current and future museum professionals gain a better understanding of their own role and purpose in their community, society and nation. The 10-week, 3-credit-hour graduate course runs from Feb. 27 to May 7 and includes 10 days exploring museums in London and Oxford during Kent State's spring break (and a few days beyond). Graduate and upper-division undergraduate students from any institution, any major — including art, art education, art history, architecture, fashion, history, public history, literature, anthropology, classics, and more — are encouraged to apply. Application deadline is Nov. 1, 2016.



Spring 2017, Travel from March 26—April 4

Global Advertising and Public Relations
JMC Assistant Professor Evan Bailey and JMC Associate Professor Stefanie Moore

Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience for students, offering them unique opportunities to engage with different cultures and grow both personally and professionally. Global Ad & PR is designed to provide an academically rigorous, intellectually challenging, and professionally relevant study away experience for students who are interested in communication-related careers. While in the States as well as abroad, students will be expected to conduct independent research to develop their self-selected areas of expertise, including interviews with professionals and people on the street, as well as observation-based investigations. These individual experiences will be supplemented by organized group tours, speakers, and activities. Program planning is still underway, but we are planning to meet with representatives from traditional advertising and PR agencies, social media firms, government agencies, and more. We also are hoping to organize meetings with representatives from the worlds of music, fashion, health and beauty.


Summer 2017 CCI Short Courses

Florence, Italy

Summer 2017, June 1—July 1, 2017

Florence Summer Institute

Students will select two courses from those offered, earning six or seven credits depending on their choices. All courses are taught in English and meet Monday through Thursday. Academic credit is awarded by Kent State University so there is no need to transfer credits.  Students stay in fully shared apartments throughout the heart of Florence.  Apartments are fully furnished with bed linens, a kitchen, washing machine, television and WiFi. Students will need to bring their own towels.  Apartments are shared with two to eight other students on the program, and it is possible to submit a roommate request. Classes are taught in the Palazzo Vettori, a prestigious and ancient building located in the heart of Florence, at the corner of Via Cavour and Via Alfani, next to Piazza del Duomo. According to historian Guido Carocci, the fabric of the building started at the beginning of the 15th century. Its façade proclaims the new ideas of Renaissance architecture based on the use of rustication. Starting January 2016, Palazzo Vettori is the new home to the Kent State University Florence program. 


Chengdu, China

Summer 2017, July

Sichuan University Summer Immersion Program

CCI Director of Global Initiatives Stephanie Smith and others yet to be determined

Kent State University College of Communication and Information will again participate in the Sichuan University Summer Immersion Program with the goal to cultivate dialogue among CCI, Chinese and other international students in academic research, cultural exchange, tours of campus, basic Chinese language, understanding of Chinese traditional culture, tourism excursions and other hands on activities. Read more on the course blog.