School of Communication Studies (COMM)

Among other concentrations, the School of Communication Studies offers an undergraduate concentration in Global Communication that allows students to take global courses within the School of Communication Studies, as well as  courses in all CCI schools and internationally focused courses from other Kent State departments and colleges.Communication Studies also offers a Global Communication minor, and students pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Communication Studies may also select a global communication specialization.

COMM 26001. Public Communication in Society

Examines communication in public settings. Content includes issues in mass media, political communication and political advertising, news, crisis communication, public opinion, and communication in executive, legislative and judicial settings. Students explore the influence of mediated messages via application of mass communication theories and constructs. Prerequisite: none. (3 credit hours)

COMM 35852.  Intercultural Communication

Theory and application of communication between people of different cultures and different national systems. Prerequisite: none. (3 credit hours)

COMM 42000. Media, War and Propaganda

Examines the influence of TV, movies and media images of war, the war effort and portrayals of enemies, protestors and anti-war groups on communication research, including mass communication and persuasion. Prerequisite: None. (3 credit hours)

COMM 45007. Freedom of Speech

Examines historic and contemporary instances relating to freedom of speech; study of limits, rights, responsibilities and socio-legal-rhetorical issues. Prerequisite: None.

(3 credit hours) Cross-listed with COMM 55007.

COMM 45459. Communication and Conflict

Examination of issues related to managing conflict in communication. Critique and synthesis of conceptual approaches and research pertaining to conflict in interpersonal, organizational and public communication settings. Prerequisite: none. (3 credit hours )  Cross-listed with COMM 55459.

COMM 45766. Communication in a Global Society 

Considers the importance of communication on multiple levels of the international landscape, ranging from the very ways globalization is defined and framed to new communication media and networks, to campaigns and debates about global issues. This course places significant emphasis on communication relating to human rights. Prerequisite: none. (3 credit hours)  

COMM 45684. Communication and Transnational Trend Analysis

Explores the role of communicators in building new and deeper public understanding of critical, pervasive, and enduring human problems across conventional borders. Examines the tools of strategic foresight and how these tools can be applied to transnational problems and be useful to communicators.  Prerequisite: none. (3 credit hours )