Hawk Benson '25

Hawk Benson, '25 (he/him)

Digital Media Production Major

Hawk Benson is a sophomore Digital Media Production major who is using classroom and extracurricular experience to expand his love for cinematography. 

As a volunteer for Movers and Groovers, Hawk was able to gain critical communication and problem solving experience while helping students move into their dorms. Movers and Groovers also helped Hawk work under pressure during the hectic move in times. Hawk is also a consistent attendee of on-campus events like Black Squirrel Festival where he enjoys talking with other students and interacting with the numerous activities. 

After graduation, Hawk hopes to work in a position of a production where he fits in best. 

“My favorite thing about Digital Media Production is the creativity behind creating a film as a collaborative effort.”

Hawk has a minor in Costume Design Technology and says Story for Picture is his favorite class that he has taken.