Industry-Leading Careers

Each of these three program areas will place Kent State graduates in high-demand, high-paying careers with bright outlooks for industry growth.

High-Demand Careers 

Listed below are the top, fast-growing, industry leading College of Communication and Information (CCI) graduate studies programs that will enhance your marketability and position you for high-paying careers, according to the National Bureau of Labor Statistics and

Master's Degree Average Salary Growth Rate Industry Average Growth Rate % Above Industry Average
Digital Sciences $90,993 19% 7% 12%
Health Informatics $61,350 13% 7% 6%
User Experience Design $72,411 22% 7% 15%

Health Informatics

People with Health Informatics degrees work in healthcare settings and are responsible for establishing and maintaining the information technology systems within the organization.

  • The average salary is $61,350 
  • The growth projection over the next 10 years is “faster than average” at 13 percent. 

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User Experience Design

Those with User Experience Design (UXD) degrees create web and application designs that are attractive, functional and promote ease of use. They work in a variety of settings from large corporations to small businesses and government agencies.

  • The average salary is $72,411
  • The growth projection is at 22.1 percent over the next 10 years. 

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Digital Sciences

Digital Sciences graduates will have careers where they are responsible for mining complex data and providing systems-related advice for their organizations. They work in both large and small settings that might include large corporations, government agencies or small businesses.

  • The average salary is $90,993
  • The growth projection is 19 percent over the next 10 years. 

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Data Source: and the Bureau of Labor Statistics