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Apply to be a CCI Student Ambassador

Ambassadors serve as representatives for the college and associated schools, departments, and organizations

Flash back to your senior year of high school when you had no idea which university you wanted to go to, which college you'd be in, or what major you were going to choose. Do you remember the feeling of not really knowing what was going to happen next? Was there someone that steered you in the right direction? Or, do you wish there was?

By becoming a College of Communication and Information (CCI) Student Ambassador, you can be that person for someone else. You get to talk to prospective students about why you decided to be a Golden Flash, and why they should, too.

The College of Communication and Information (CCI) Student Ambassador Program is for undergraduate students with a CCI major who have exhibited academic achievement, leadership, and service to the school, college, university, and/or community.

CCI Student Ambassadors serve as representatives for the college and all associated schools, departments, and organizations. They are responsible for student advocacy, reporting diversity and inclusion concerns, and participating in college and university recruitment activities. They may also be involved in college and school events such as workshops, lectures, and shows (e.g., study abroad programs, classroom panels, alumni events, etc.). Some examples of Ambassador duties include: staffing a school/college information table, serving as a panelist or presenter, leading or assisting with a school tour, and more.

There is no set work schedule as involvement revolves around planned programs, which may occasionally occur on nights and weekends.


  • Full or part-time student with a CCI major
  • Sophomore standing (minimum 30 hours) or higher
  • 2.70 cumulative GPA (required upon application and to remain an ambassador)

Why become a CCI Student Ambassador?

  • Make a positive impact on the college community through advocacy and support initiatives
  • Contribute to effective recruitment strategies and implementation to help CCI grow as a college
  • Represent CCI in positive and meaningful ways 
  • Enhance your resume and develop important professional skills
  • Gain experience with public speaking and leadership
  • Meet new people and friends including other students, faculty, and staff


  • Must complete an application and interview process each academic year
  • Must submit a resume and a letter of recommendation with your application
  • Must attend all mandatory training sessions and meetings throughout the year
  • Must be dependable and possess strong verbal communication skills 
  • Must be able to respond to emails, phone calls, etc. in a timely manner 
  • Must actively participate in one of the CCI Student Ambassador subcommittees:
    • The Advocacy Subcommittee is a solution-focused group responsible for advocating for the critical needs of students. They work with the appropriate college-level personnel to address themes, trends, and impactful events that occur on campus, in our community, and around the world. They also work proactively to recommend initiatives to enhance the experiences of CCI students.
    • The Recruitment Subcommittee is responsible for planning and assisting with all CCI recruitment efforts, including Kent State Admissions events, campus tours, and outreach to prospective students. They work with Deb Lamm, CCI Student Recruitment Specialist, and are asked to provide feedback and suggestions for recruitment strategies throughout the year.
    • The Diversity Subcommittee serves as the liaison between the students and CCI Diversity. They work collaboratively with Amanda Leu, CCI Academic Diversity Outreach Coordinator, and the CCI Diversity Team to address diversity and inclusion concerns, plan and implement CCI Diversity programs and initiatives, and develop strategies for an inclusive college environment.
    • The Professional Development Subcommittee is responsible for planning the professional development opportunities for the CCI Student Ambassadors. During each mandatory meeting throughout the semester, they will plan (and sometimes implement) programming and resources that will help the members of the CCI Student Ambassador program gain valuable knowledge and skills.


If you have any questions before completing your application, please feel free to contact Deb Lamm ( or Amanda Leu (


Apply to be an Ambassador